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Appropriate autumn decoration brings the rural flair into the house

The country house style has been in the room design and decoration for years and is gaining more and more popularity from year to year. For famous designers and interior designers this is understandable and quite logical, because the idea of ​​this style of living is accompanied by the concept of a cozy, casual life. Back to nature, back to the roots you can summarize the motto of the country house style. Life in the countryside is now more in demand than ever before. Successful people and creative minds have fulfilled their long-cherished dream and are already living according to the guidelines of the Country Style philosophy and are happy and satisfied with their life in the country house style. Because this breathes inner peace and balance in the dynamic everyday, what modern man appreciates.

The interior design and decoration in country style are currently very trendy.

Autumn decoration country style fireplace

There is a certain intersection where the rural and the aesthetic intersect, and that is the perfect fall decoration for our own four walls. By matching decorative items and home-made decoration you can bring the undeniable rural flair into the house. If you are particularly interested in some fancy country style autumn decor, stay with us over the next few minutes and be inspired by our creative decorating ideas and inspired home decorations!

In the following, we want to reveal the secrets of autumn decor in the rural style and illustrate them with great pictures.

The stone wall above the fireplace can make the right eye-catcher in the room by fitting autumn decoration

Chimney stone wall decorated

Rural elements in the interior must be highlighted by the autumn decoration

The country style is characterized by the use of a lot of wood in the interior – we start with the typical exposed wooden beams and go on to the whole wood paneling on the walls to the furniture made of solid wood. These radiate natural warmth and make the ambience more comfortable. Try to highlight all the Country Style elements in your home with matching Autumn Decor. We promise you, the final results will pleasantly surprise you, because in your interior the warm shades of autumn will dominate.

Much wood, natural materials and comfortable furniture dominate in this living room in country house style

Autumn decoration country style ideas

Appropriate autumn decoration sets the country-style furniture in scene

Herbstdeko furniture in country style

Some things are just a must for the country house style, so let’s just say it: usually there is a fireplace in the spacious country style living room. Put a vase of colorful autumn leaves, a few oaks, chestnuts or cones on the fireplace, and you’ve already created a real eye-catcher. Or do you prefer to hang an art painting with autumnal motifs on the wall above the fireplace? Very successful, we would say! In the dining room, you can opt for gorgeous wicker basket chairs, which instantly spread the rural flair in the ambience. We definitely do not want to forget about the bedroom because it should be decorated according to the new season. If you have an eye-catching bed headboard in the bedroom, then you can use it as a backdrop for the fall decoration in this room.

Invite guests home and welcome autumn!

Autumn decor dining room

In this autumnally decorated dining room, every get-together with friends and family is a great experience

Autumn decoration. Dining room stylish with autumn leaves

Our tip: Decorate all the rural elements in your home with autumnal leaves, twigs, branches, acorns and chestnuts to create a unique atmosphere that reflects the true spirit of autumn. Of course you will choose the warm color palette of this season, which ranges from white to yellow, orange and red to chocolate brown and rust brown. These are saturated shades that make every home warm, cozy and inviting.

So picturesque and stylish can only be the fall decoration in the country house style!

In front of the fireplace, it is pleasantly warm on cold autumn evenings

Autumn decoration ideas

Soft and warm textiles prevail in the fall decoration in the country house style

The textiles, which dominate in the rural interior, are predominantly made of pure wool and soft cotton. A bright orange or the classic color combination of beige and chocolate brown are the preferred colors. Good to tolerate are just a few splashes of color in red or yellow. The upholstery of the furniture is executed exactly in the typical autumn nuances. And the autumnal look is complemented by soft decorative cushions, throw blankets and coverings. A soft carpet in warm colors can emphasize the rural flair. However, we recommend that you go one step further and distribute one or two faux fur runners in the living room. These small decorative elements immediately give you a cozy feeling for more warmth in the room. And that’s what we all aim for on cold evenings, right?

The whole country-style interior exudes warmth and coziness

Living and dining room country style

If you are interested in more ideas for autumn decor, by which you can introduce warmth and coziness into your own four walls, then click right away here , There you can find out more about it and also find information about the typical autumn colors in the interior. Or browse our entire website for Herbstdeko ideas and clever tips for room decoration and you will soon find it! We wish you a lot of fun!

Create a striking window decoration this fall and enjoy its charm for weeks

Window decoration autumn

Is your dining kitchen so splendidly decorated for the fall?

Autumn decoration kitchen

Give yourself some comfort and warmth at home when it’s rainy outside.

Autumn decoration comfort warmth home outside rain

You deserve that …

Autumn decoration heat cosiness cup of coffee

Everything that is typical of the autumnal nature, you can use in the design of your autumn decoration at home

Autumn decoration at home

Pumpkins, painted, carved, with or without tealights are definitely part of the autumn decoration

Autumn decoration of pumpkins

Decorate with the gifts of nature and show what garden and farm have brought this year

Enjoy pure relaxation in the evening in front of the blazing log fire

Autumn home

The skilfully mastered autumn decoration is a highlight during the day and a true spectacle of color and light in the evening

Autumn decoration and autumnal living ideas


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