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Awning terrace: creative ideas for a modern roofing

The awning terrace impresses with its modern look

Looking for suitable weather and sun protection for the terrace that also impresses with a great look? Then awning may be the best choice for you! This is about modern shading for the outside area, which is practical and flexible and is a great alternative to the classic awning terrace.

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Shade sails are usually made of PVC tarpaulin or awning fabric and are attached to pillars with hooks at certain points. In this post, you will find some cool and modern ideas for an awning patio, from which you can draw inspiration for your own outdoor area. Hope you liked our suggestions!

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As a canopy for the terrace, sun sails are also particularly robust. The outer edge of the sail is sewn firmly and stably and is completely tear-proof. So that the awning does not sag, hollow seams are sewn into the inner surface. These distribute the high tension on the fastening corners over the entire surface.

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Awnings also have other advantages. For example, they can be adapted to the specific seating area and building. Compared to a fixed roof, it is also much cheaper to buy and install.

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The awning is stable and flexible at the same time and can reach a large span. The mounting options are also numerous and also depend on the local conditions. The supporting pillars are usually made of powder-coated stainless steel and the sail is usually fixed at four corner points. The models with three attachment points also look very chic.

Awning terrace has numerous advantages

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There are also automatic shade sails where the fabric is rolled up and down diagonally by motorized rollers. The system is controlled by a manual switch and, in the case of the newer models, also by automatic solar control.

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This is how you get a stylish-looking, practical and inexpensive roofing that is completely tailored to your individual needs. In addition to sun protection, a shade sail also provides privacy protection and is a wonderful option not only for the terrace but also for the sitting areas in the garden.

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And in a city apartment, this type of shading is also a great option for the balcony. It protects you from the harmful UV rays that can even cause skin cancer.

Visually enhance the house facade with awning

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Awning terrace will visually enhance your house facade with its modern look. Compared to the classic awnings, it looks much more interesting and attractive – just look at our photos to see for yourself! You can opt for a monochrome model that impresses with its stylish look, as well as a sail in cheerful summer colors that is attractive and inviting.

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Sun sails can also be ordered online – together with the hooks, the substructure, and the necessary accessories for assembly. For example, you can take a look at the offers on Amazon.

Awning terrace: are there any disadvantages?

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Sun sails have many advantages, but there are also some disadvantages that you should not underestimate. Although they cast a larger shadow compared to awnings, the size of which is limited by their load-bearing capacity, they need at least three attachment points.

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This makes sun sails rather unsuitable for smaller balconies and terraces. However, this fact does not mean that you have to do without it immediately if the place for which you want the shading is relatively small.

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Sun sails offer numerous fastening options and for some, you don’t even need a substructure! Instead of steel pillars, the sail can be attached to the house facade or nearby trees and other structures. The first priority is stability – you should be sure that the solar sail, for example, can withstand the strong wind without any problems.

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For rented apartments, both awnings and awnings are only suitable under certain circumstances – it is particularly suitable for cases where drilling is necessary on the house wall. Sun sails have the great advantage that they are not immediately unloaded in bad weather and can easily stay outside in rain and wind.

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