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Baby pillow – is it necessary or not?

Does the baby or toddler need a pillow and what kind?

It is no different with babies than with adults. How they slept depends on their mood and general development. So how should we provide the best conditions for a restful sleep for the baby? What is a pillow? And if we need one for our little darling, what one thing do we have to get him? This topic will be dealt with in the next lines.

Baby pillow – baby up to one-year-old

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Most pediatricians agree that babies do not need pillows until the age of one. Because the little ones are not ready in this period to turn around or change their situation. So once you’re comfortable, we can count on it to stay that way.

Or you buy one of the special baby pillows: they are anatomical and keep the baby’s head at an angle of 30 degrees.

You can use orthopedic pillows, mattresses, and similar products, but it does not necessarily have to be. Their sole purpose is to promote the proper development of the bone structure.

Pillows for infants

baby pillow baby pillow nursing pillow

A baby pillow, which mothers need well in the first few months, are specially designed for breastfeeding. They can be U, L and I shaped. Such pillows help young mothers to relieve as easily as possible the tension during breastfeeding.

Pillows for toddlers

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At the age of 2 years, our toddler already needs a pillow and we have to choose a suitable one for the little one. The selection criteria are many and you should stick to it as rigorously as possible. Here you are at a glance:

The child’s head pillow must not be too high. The head should rest on it, not the neck and shoulder area.

Elasticity is another important factor and you can check it by pressing it with your fingers. If the pillow quickly regains its original shape, then it is elastic enough.

The child’s head cushion must be easy to care for. It should be possible to exhibit this often in the sun.

Choose antiallergic fillings for the pillow. Incidentally, these should not necessarily be organic. Many children often have goose feather allergies, for example.

The width of the pillow is also important. The pillow should match the width of the bed so your toddler will always lie on it, even if it changes its position a bit.

The filling

baby pillows healthy sleep baby pillows

As already mentioned, the filling should be selected so that the children do not develop allergic reactions. What kind of materials are suitable? Of the artificial ones, here are the following:

  • Holofiber,
  • Sintepon,
  • Comforel – Microfiber Head Pillow.

In your choice, you must remember that the materials have not been subject to any chemical processing.

Make sure the baby cushion is right for your child

baby pillow special baby pillow

The child head cushion must be easy to care for

baby pillow baby pillow baby pillow

Everything is also a matter of habit

pillows baby baby pillows pillows children

Take good care of your baby’s sound sleep

healthy babies baby pillows baby pillows

The baby pillow should match the width of the bed

baby pillow healthy scarf baby pillow

The elasticity of the baby cushion is another important factor

baby pillow healthy sleep baby pillow

Orthopedic pillows have the sole purpose of promoting the proper development of your toddler’s bone structure

baby pillows baby cushions babys healthy

The child head baby pillow must not be too high

healthy sleep kids pillows baby cushions

special baby pillow baby pillow

A baby pillow that every mother can use in the first few months of her baby

nursing pillow baby pillow baby pillow

childrens pillow babycushion pillows children

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