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Baby room girl and boy – some combined interior design ideas

baby room girl nursery decorating baby room ideas

Combined baby room for boys and girls

Of course having two children is a great pleasure. And that means many worries too. But everything gets even more complicated when the two children have a different gender and you actually only have space for a children’s room.

Besides, you do not want to invest a lot in the design.

So you need space for two people. Also, you have to get furniture that grow as possible with the little ones, so can be adjusted to the increasing needs of children. Then you need topics that could equally well enroll in a children’s room or baby room for boys and girls.

Complicated, right? It gets worse, the bigger the children become. To despair, the task is also not. Here are some practical solutions that can help you for sure.

Baby room girl and boy – A personal corner for every child

baby room ideas baby room design baby room girl

In baby rooms, this aspect is sometimes underestimated. But you have to be aware that children can perceive everything in real life even at an early age. You have to have your own space in the room. Moreover, over time this would prove to be a very practical phenomenon. Because you will already have enough space for the corner of the adult person.

Insert room divider

baby room girl nursery ideas baby room design


Actually, one has now with the practical layout of the premises as good as no problem. Today’s room dividers are very nice in function and super functional. You can also translate these ideas into the baby room of a boy or girl, even if they are single. Such a room, which has different zones, is often more appealing and exciting for the children, as well as for the adults.

Search for the connecting element

nursery ideas nursery decorating baby room girl

When designing the children and baby room for boys and girls, they should look for a connecting element for the two otherwise very clearly shaped areas. This will weld the whole thing together and make it look uniform and harmonious with all the different elements.

You are still allowed to take different colors

baby complete room baby room design baby room girl

As I said, you would only have to choose a connecting element and not an infinite number of them. Through unity – pattern, theme, color, unity could be achieved. If you choose the right one, then the rest can diverge. So, if something else wraps the room, you could otherwise use very different colors. Somehow, but already these should look good together.

You can choose very different functional solutions

baby room ideas baby complete room baby room girl

This is especially true in the case that you combine a baby room for a boy and a nursery for girls, or vice versa. The beds could be very different. They can also be foldable and may perform a different function during the day.

If there is a big age difference, you can also allocate more space to one child. So you could in a room next to the bed a desk and a larger play area have. A baby does not need this for the first time and will not necessarily be angry, right?

Hang the initial letters over the bed in a nice way

nursery design baby room design baby room girl

Cover the beds in different colors

nursery ideas nursery design nursery furniture nursery girls

How do you like the wall color gray for the baby room

babyroom Styler babyroom-girl-nursery furniture

Find matching wall tattoos for the baby room

baby room girl baby room boy baby room set up

Yellow and gray are ideal colors for the girl and boy baby room

baby bed girl nursery design baby room girl

Lay a pattern carpet in the baby room

nursery decorating baby room girl nursery ideas

White baby room design for twins

nursery design nursery ideas nursery girl

The dresser is a must in the baby room

nursery furniture baby room girl nursery room design baby room ideas

Do you like this baby room design?

baby complete room baby room set up baby room ideas


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