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Bake mini cakes that are real works of art

mini cake famous hero fernanda abarca

Bake Mini Cake – Follow the pattern of Fernanda Abarca

What about the food? Should these meet certain aesthetic criteria or is that not of particular importance to you? Recently, the general opinion is stronger, that the food should also cause a visual pleasure.

The food must act on all receptors. The food in the plate is becoming more beautiful and more beautiful … How can you destroy it by eating it? Do not you want to keep that great-looking dinner or memorable dessert for longer, so you can enjoy them?

Is that to eat or just to look at?

fancy cake fernanda abarca cat

In this sense, today we want to present you the unique works of art Fernanda Abarca imagine. It’s about food, and more specifically about desserts. She gives life to movie heroes by turning them into delicious cakes. And as always, treats are a reason for fascination … and something else, they seem so appetizing … Have you already had an appetite to eat a delicious cake? Have you ever been impatient to look at these fancy cakes and sculptures made of sugar that we are talking about today? Certainly you will be woken up to the desire to prepare such fascinating desserts yourself.

Fernanada Abarca has revived these popular heroes in fancy mini cakes

mini cake baking elsa anna fernanda abarca

Are not these mini cakes inspirational? Do not you want to create even such exuberant desserts?

mini cake fancy cake fernanda abarca

Ariel looks gorgeous as a decoration of a mini cake

mini cake fernanda abarca ariel

Mini cake to bake is an art. This illustrates the work of the talented animator at Dream Works Fernanda Abarca , She creates beautiful, realistic cakes, mini cakes and sugar sculptures. Their sculptural and show pieces, most of which are edible and down to the smallest detail, give life to famous cartoon heroes. Imagine how they will be on the table! Actually as a unique table decoration!

We introduce the deer Sven as a mini cake

mini cake baking fernanda abarca deer sven

Toothless from the cartoon How to Train Your Dragon

mini cake baking fernanda abarca

If this mini cake tastes good?

mini cake baking famous hero

Such mini cakes are rarely seen

mini cake baking special cake fernanda abarca

Kung Fu Panda and How To Train Your Dragon are some of the most popular movies she has worked on. Abarca combines this work with baking cakes and mini cakes in an exciting way. Your boutique is located in Southern California.

The penguins from Madagascar as cute sculptures made of sugar

fancy cake penguins of madagascar fernanda abarca

Creating cakes of this kind is an artistic work

fancy cake fernanda abarca heroes

Interesting way to play a famous hero

mini cake baking big hero fernanda abarca

Creating such a creature to the smallest detail is certainly a laborious job!

baking mini cake how to train your dragon fernanda abarca

Fernanda Abarca has played a nice scene from the cartoon

mini cake fernanda abarca art desserts


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