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Balcony cladding made of wood, fabric, or metal – modern ideas

Balkonverkleidung moderne Ideen

Do you like to spend a lot of time on the balcony? Then the balcony cladding is a must for you! It provides good weather protection and privacy and transforms the balcony into a nice retreat where you can drink your morning coffee or relax after a long day at work. In this post we present some ideas for modern balcony cladding made of different materials. Perhaps you can find the optimal variant for your own balcony below. Have fun while reading!

Balcony cladding ensures good weather protection and privacy protection

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There are actually two types of balcony cladding – one is built-in and the other is additionally attached. The built-in balcony cladding is usually made of sturdy materials such as metal, wood or glass. The retrofitted, however, are most often made of light materials such as fabric, bamboo or plastic. They are of course not that stable, but you can take them with you when you move.

Balkonverkleidung moderne Ideen

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Which variant you choose depends mainly on whether you live in your own home or rent. In the case of rental apartments, every change and renovation must be discussed with the landlord. If permanent cladding is not allowed, you can opt for lightweight mats made of bamboo or sheets of fabric or plastic that are threaded through the handrails and tied down.

Balcony cladding made of fabric and plastic

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The cladding made of fabric or plastic has the advantage that it does not look boring at all. There are models on the market in different colors and with numerous beautiful patterns, such as very realistic photo motifs.

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The plastic cladding is also particularly robust and durable. With some models, however, the motifs can fade over time – especially if your balcony is exposed to the strong sun in summer. Fortunately, the fabric and plastic panels are inexpensive and easy to change.

Durable metal balcony cladding

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If stability is most important to you, you can opt for permanent metal cladding. Metal balcony cladding does not look boring at all – there are decorative elements made of forged steel or wire on the market that look quite great. They also require relatively little maintenance and need to be coated with oil paint once a year or even less often to prevent rust.

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The only disadvantage is that the steel decorative elements only partially provide privacy. Another and pretty great idea in this regard is to opt for simple wire mesh cladding. This can be greened with climbing plants, and the result is a beautiful, dense cladding that creates a pleasant atmosphere on the balcony.

Wood paneling creates a cozy atmosphere

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Wooden balcony cladding is also particularly popular, and that’s not accidental. As a natural material, wood creates a really cozy atmosphere on the balcony. But it takes more care than metal cladding and has to be painted regularly. A wooden balcony cladding provides good weather and privacy protection, and if the railings are high enough, there is no risk of falling – for small children, for example. And if you don’t want to feel completely separated from “the world”, just leave gaps between the roasting sheets!

Glass cladding for modern apartments

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Glass balcony cladding is becoming more and more popular today. You don’t actually protect your privacy (when it comes to transparent and not colored glass), but the look is pretty cool. It goes best with new apartments with modern architecture. In addition to its great look, glass also has other advantages as a material for balcony cladding. It is particularly durable, needs almost no maintenance and provides good weather protection on the balcony.

Bamboo mats for good sun and privacy protection in summer

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Balkonverkleidung Bambusmatte

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The bamboo mats are also a great variant for temporary balcony cladding. These have the beautiful look of wood, but are much cheaper. Unfortunately, the bamboo mats are not particularly weatherproof. But they are just perfect for sun protection in summer.

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