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Bar counter for a functional and perfect kitchen equipment

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Ideas for a modern and functional kitchen with bar counter

Do you find your kitchen somehow unfinished and empty? You’re missing something, but what? Imagine what a bar counter would look like in your kitchen. This is a practical and also a modern version, which can be integrated well in any interior.

Straight or rounded?

bar counters furnishing tips kitchen equipment ideas

First, you should look for the shape of the Bar counter decide. The market offers a wide choice, but most of them are with straight lines. The straight bar counter is very suitable for modern and minimalist kitchen equipment. The rounded shape is great in a vintage, country style and Mediterranean style kitchen. Which bar counter shape you choose depends of course on your kitchen size. S and L shaped bar counters are perfect for a spacious kitchen.

With or without shelves?

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After choosing the right shape, the next decision is in front of you! Consider what function the bar counter should have. An “open” bar counter without shelves gives a spacious feeling. But unlike the bar counter with shelves or cupboards, it is impractical. You lose a lot of storage space.

Use the counter as a table

kitchen equipment ideas kitchen with bar counter furnishing tips

Some people use the bar counter as a table. Suitable for this are the straight forms without shelves. With two, three bar stools this is the ideal breakfast table.

Idea for rolling out

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If you have a small kitchen, you can add an additional roll-out counter. This allows you to save space and is always available when needed.

Integrated cabinets

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The best decision is to use the lower side of the bar counter for kitchen cabinets. Take a look at the various models to find a good organization solution for your kitchen. Maybe you need a special cupboard for the wine bottles or you have always dreamed of rotating shelves!

We are sure you will find the most functional bar counter model for your kitchen! You are welcome to draw inspiration from our sample images …

Bar counter surface made of glass

kitchen equipment ideas furnishing to have at home

Would this shape also be suitable for your kitchen?

furnishing examples kitchen equipment ideas kitchen cabinets

An idea for white kitchen equipment

furnishing ideas kitchen kitchen equipment ideas furnishing examples

A creative idea with pull-out bench

furnishing tips kitchen furnishing ideas furnishing ideas kitchen

Feeling like in a bar

Facilities kitchen equipment ideas kitchen

L-shaped kitchen counter

kitchen equipment ideas furnishing examples kitchen cabinets

Choose a modern kitchen counter with a garish accent

furnishing examples furnishing tips kitchen cupboards kitchen equipment ideas

The counter can also serve well as a room divider

kitchen equipment ideas kitchen furniture furnishing tips


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