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Bathroom mirror cabinet: 21 modern and practical designs

A mirror cabinet in the bathroom is a very useful thing as it combines two pieces of furniture that are essential for this room. In the bathroom, you need a lot of storage space – for shampoos, soaps, cosmetics, towels, etc. That is why the cupboards and dressers are a must there. The same applies to the mirror in front of which you shave, makeup, wash your face, brush your teeth, etc. in front of which you shave in the morning, a mirror cabinet bathroom is practical in this respect that it hangs on the wall and thus leaves more floor space free. In addition, there are many beautiful designs today that are sure to bring more luxury to your bathroom. In this article, we have collected 21 chic design ideas especially for you. Take a look at our photos and let yourself be inspired!

Mirror cabinet bathroom: combining two essential pieces of furniture in one

Spiegelschrank Bad

Einrichtungsideen Badezimmer

Regalsystem Wandspiegel Waschbecken Bad

Schranksystem hängend Spiegel modern

Spiegelschrank Bad hängend klein praktisch

Spiegelschrank Bad rund moderne Einrichtung

Spiegelschrank Bad Beleuchtung minimalistischer Stil

Spiegelschrank Bad Akzentbeleuchtung

Badezimmer Einrichtung platzsparende Möbel

Spiegelschrank Bad mehrere Regale praktische Einrichtung

A bathroom mirror cabinet is not only practical and space-saving, but it can also look very modern! Today you can find both classic, simple, and linear models, as well as those in unusual shapes. There are also both small and larger versions with several rotating mirror doors that can be opened by gently pulling or pushing. Or the front can consist of a single mirror that is folded to the side. These types of cabinets are mostly made of wood and the color of the side surfaces is a matter of taste. A good variant would be that these are in high-gloss white so that the cabinet optically matches the tiles or the existing wall cladding.

Mirror cabinet for the bathroom: modern and practical design ideas

Spiegelschrank Lampe darüber moderner Look

Schrank mit Spiegeltür besonders moderner Look

Spiegelschrank Bad zwei Aufsatzwaschbecken

Spiegelschrank Bad Granitwaschbecken moderner Look

praktischer Schrank Spiegeltür Badezimmer modern

Spiegelschrank Bad halbrund origineller Look

Schrank mit Spiegeltür praktische Ideen Badeinrichtung

Schrank Spiegeltür Badezimmer

Spiegelschrank Bad Aufsartwaschbecken besonders stilvoll

Spiegelschränke modern und praktisch Bad

The cabinets with mirrored doors look great, even if you are not using the mirror. But if you use this every morning, it makes sense to think of suitable mirror lighting. A good idea in this regard is to mount a lamp above the cabinet. But there are also modern mirror cabinets with built-in LED lights that look really stylish. You can get even more inspiring ideas for the bathroom from the photos above!

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