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Beautiful living room in earth colors

Good day everyone! Welcome to our website where you can find interesting ideas and practical tips for a daily cozy home and find a magnificent garden. Today we want to address the interior design again and show you beautiful, even dreamlike living room. Whether you have a traditional, rustic or modern living room, you can make it even more comfortable in earthy nuances. Living spaces in earth colors spread a warm, natural and very inviting feel. You can add earth colors to your living room design in many different ways … your flooring (wood, tile or carpet), your wall paint, furniture and textiles, your fireplace (wood or stone) and some accent pieces make up the natural look in your room. If you are looking for a natural and completely earthy room concept, then you have come to the right place. We present you excellent photo samples of living rooms in earth tones, where the ambiance not only feels beautiful, but looks exactly the same.

Does your dream living room look exactly like this?

Dream living room wood

With all the earthy nuances you can not fool around in the interior because they are inspired by Mother Nature. So you can only bring a natural flair in your four walls. Brown is the color of the fertile soil where our food comes from. Muted green reminds us of the beauty of the flora, for example the timeless olive trees on the Mediterranean coast.


Ocher yellow brings the warmth of romantic sunsets inside, while creamy or beige tones combine it all together. A beautiful way to emphasize the earth color palette of your living room is to invite nature itself into the room. For example, a basket of real firewood a great addition to living spaces in earth tones. You can also put a dwarf lemon tree in the living room and enjoy its wonderful scent day and night. This live accent piece with its brown, green and yellow shades adds more freshness to the interior!

Try to bring nature into the living room with earthy colors

Living room interesting decorative cushions

– Gemütlichkeit in earth colors in the modern living room

Many readers think that earthy nuances are predestined for classic living room design. Yes, we can only agree! But also modern styled living rooms can be executed in the natural color palette. For example, an open-plan living space with light brown parquet flooring can be really appealing. You can see that in the next picture. In the large room, individual zones are separated and yet everything looks uniform, welded together in an overall design concept. Built-in ceiling lights emphasize the modernity in the room. This is how the ambience looks warm and inviting.

A spacious, modern living and dining room to fall in love with

Modern spacious living and dining room

There are also those design fans for whom the colors gray, sand, beige, white and black are too traditional. We want to disprove such an opinion and show you a wonderfully designed, modern living room in this color pallet, which radiates a natural cosiness. Surely you also find the colors trendy, right?

A super modern living room in earthy tones, which radiates sophistication and charm

Nice view earth tones modern living room


Comfortable chaise longue to stretch your legs after a long day at work to enjoy the sunrise. Simplicity and sophistication in a small space – well done.

Comfortable chaise longue

The large mural over the sofa is a great way to bring extra colors into this bright, earthy living room.

Large mural living room

Optics and haptics in earth tones are in perfect harmony

An interior design in earth tones gives you endless possibilities to experiment with optics and haptics. We only modestly advise to use as many natural materials as possible in the interior. Armchairs in genuine leather complete the natural look of your living room. Here every get-together in the circle of friends and family can be a true experience.

Armchairs in real leather invite you to cozy hours in front of the fireplace

Modern fireside chair

Lots of wood, leather and a real eye-catcher – the stone wall!

nice living room with fireplace

All natural materials emit heat. In the picture above we see a high-contrast living room design. Two comfortable armchairs are on either side of the fireplace, which is clad in stone. The whole stone wall is a great accent in the room and is complemented by the light floor covering and a sand-colored wall. Dark window frames, wood paneling and an L-shaped sofa in dark brown leather are in visual contrast and emphasize the sublime look in the room.

Decorative cushions in olive green and ocher yellow bring fresh earth colors to the white sofa.

Living room in earth colors

Admire the other photos of beautiful and extremely comfortable living rooms and be inspired by the beauty of the earth colors!

Tropical flair and a lot of sophistication in one …….

Stylish living room houseplants

Would you like a brandy?

Cozy atmosphere invites you to glass of cognac

Exposed wooden beams on the ceiling complement the rustic style in the room

Exposed wooden beams ceiling rustic style

The mahogany parquet floor provides the perfect base for this modern living room

Modern living room mahogany parquet floor

Light blue pillows bring the sea breeze ………

White-beige striped textiles pale blue pillows sea breeze

The stone wall by the fireplace gives the traditional room a rustic touch

Stone wall fireplace

In the style of the 70s

creative ideas for your bookshelf

Natural green combined with ocher yellow, dark brown and beige

Ideas for Living Rooms - Design in Trend

Sage green comes out well in this traditionally decorated room

Wall paint ideas

Such a living room could fulfill even the highest demands

Living Room Ideas Modern Cozy

Small and large houseplants complement the natural room look

Cozy living room many green plants

Make some colored accents in the living room in earth tones

Beautiful bright living room colorful deco pillows picture colored accents.


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