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Beautiful murals that bring the serenity of nature home

There are such themes for wall design where the line between the banal and the fascinating is so narrow. This is probably true for the murals in XXL format with depictions of nature. Something like that had already grandma in the apartment … But on the other hand, they are often so beautiful and bring a lot of peace and relaxation in the house! Do you really want to give it up? Ultimately, it’s probably a matter of perspective, whether you call such a wall design as modern or outdated. Finally, thanks to certain procedures, it can even be integrated into a modern interior design. That might also be an interesting provocation in the context of an eclectic design. Do we want to think more about the subject together?

Many interior designs could find a counterpart in murals compositions

mountain landscape water murals

Murals as a projection of your interior design

All the pictures we show you in this article are simply worth your attention because of the beautiful landscapes. The selection would be, we find, quite difficult. When it comes to integrating them into the interior, we can help you with some classifications and hints.


Take a closer look at our first example: This composition could, among other things, correspond to the distribution of the furniture in the interior. If you achieve a juxtaposition of living design and XXL format murals, the effect is very modern, original and sometimes even ingenious. Of course, it would be a lot better if you select a landscape that matches your color palette.

With such wall design you can brighten and expand your space

lake landscape with rocks murals

Natural depictions with a broad perspective

Living in small rooms is one of the biggest challenges of modern interior design. And even in larger rooms, you want to achieve a more open character. Attaching murals with such wide perspectives as in the picture above could be very helpful. You can even determine which of the room dimensions to emphasize. There’s a lot of room for creative thinking, do not you think? In the example above, we would recommend to place the side with the sea close to the window wall of a room. The ceiling design should harmonize with the shades of the sky. If you follow these criteria then your room will look brighter, wider and even taller!

The white flowers in the foreground could put an accent in the room

lake with nature murals

Dream every day!

The dreams of a person make his life something special. This can also apply to the modern interior design, if you like. Are long air travel or distant vacation destinations what really inspires you in your life? Then show it through bold wall design. The possible topics are very many. Airport murals in XXL format like the example below would be the most suitable for many people! Also from the colors, such a picture would ideally enroll in any interior.

Make your dream the theme of wall design!

planes idea murals


Minimalism in the composition

Even the multi-color murals may be considered a modern wall design. But in the next three examples may probably show no doubt in this regard. It shows minimalism in the composition, modern sculptural appearance of the individual objects and an adequate selection of colors and shades. All that remains is to find a mural that matches the shapes and nuances of your interior design.

The colors in this picture are typical of the modern interior

great stylized landscap murals

Murals in XXL format and the modern interior

Wall paintings are thus incorporated into a modern facility, especially if they look like an integral part of the overall concept. We have mentioned a few possible methods and ideas with which this can work. This includes the correspondence between the composition of the furniture and the image representation. The extension and emphasis of certain perspectives, as well as the brightening of the room would be further great possibilities. Details from murals can continue to contribute to the accentuation in the room. The conformity in forms and colors between these and the interior design is absolutely obligatory! Keep all this in mind and select from all the beautiful examples the suitable mural for you in oversize!

Murals of this kind would be particularly suitable for guest or children’s rooms. Do you think so too?

great bike murals

Minimalism in the composition makes murals modern

murals tree at sunset

What kind of effect would a wall design have in your room?

forest in autumn murals

Another great wall-painting idea for the nursery!

murals baloons air

Which is your dream city and could you imagine it as a wall design theme?

murals kanaal water

murals southern landscape

Naturalist murals often have a very soothing effect. Who does not need this today?

murals small waterfall

… And so you sink in the silence of the jungle thanks to your own wall design

murals nature and earth

Interesting lighting effects in nature are a popular theme for murals

murals beautiful waterfalls

murals lake water level

murals sunrise beautiful

Finally, three fabulous ideas for room expansion! murals great fields

murals great water level

murals water and bridge


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