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Beautify your outdoor area with chic solar garden lights!

Do you dream of magical nights in the summer? Do not be passive, but do something for it. The least you can do is decorate your garden or balcony with original solar garden lights. There is a fairly wide range in the market. IKEA has great deals for this season, for example. You can choose between classic paper string lights, organic light fixtures, or those inspired by nature. We have discovered magnificent solar garden lights there. Some are decorated with small, bright birds, others with pears and apples, and others like fairy lights with floral elements.

Elegant fairy lights from IKEA

solar garden lights fairy lights pears apples

If you like it more magical, then you should look at these beautiful garden lights by Bed Bath and Beyond look at. The lights are made of metal and are filigree and masterfully made in different figures – elegant sun, petite cage with bird, sweet owl, just to name a few.

You can plug these directly into the ground between your flowers. They are not only for gardens, but also for balconies a very successful decoration, the romantic mood spread.

Ornate garden figures for a fairytale ambience

solar garden lights metal sun

Cages and birds are especially popular with the vintage style

solar garden lights garden decoration accessories

How about a cute owl?

solar garden lights shining stand owl

Delicate flowers of metal and glass

solar garden lights delicate flowers light up

We especially liked the glowing flowerpots. They look incredibly magical. The LED lights are integrated into the bottom of the flowerpot and the light changes its color regularly. Such solar garden lights are the perfect gift for your loved ones. Surprise them in this nice way and give them a good mood and a summery fantasy!

How do you find these sustainable solar garden lights? Which are your favorites?

Clever decoration idea for your plants

solar garden lights glowing flowerpots

You can place the flowerpots anywhere

solar garden lights planter garden

The chic mushroom lamps from IKEA

solar garden lights colorful mushrooms

The perfect choice if you like floral elements

solar garden lights fairy lights flowers motifs

Turn your balcony into a summer dream

solar garden lights fairy lights round lanterns

Organic forms and dimmed light

solar energy garden lights organic shapes

Classic and chic at the same time

solar energy garden lights paper lanterns

These beautiful birds can be wrapped around the tree branches in the garden

solar energy garden lights bird motifs fairy lights

solar garden lights colorful paper lanterns


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