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Begonia Care – What the beautiful begonias need to thrive well

begonia care garden design deco ideas

Begonia Care – Tips on how to properly care for the begonias

Plants are the little creatures that make our home feel more comfortable and give it a fresh touch of life. The multitude of people decorating not only the garden but also the interior with plants is great.

As a living decoration, of course, they need attention and care, so that they appear in full bloom. Every plant should also feel good. Do you want to get to know begonia as a plant? And do you need some tips for that Begonias maintenance ? Then stay tuned!

The begonias can be transformed into a splendid decoration that makes the exterior more appealing

garden plants elegant flowerpot begonia

The Begonia is considered a beautiful and chic houseplant, which is relatively easy to maintain, both indoors and outdoors. This is an apt selection for your decoration with plants. What do you need – a garden or a houseplant? They have a rich selection of begonia species that fascinate with either their flowers or their leaves.

Hanging basket with begonias

begonia care hanging basket deco ideas

Begonias are stylish in the outdoor area

begonia garden plant deco ideas

Yellow begonias in the flowerpot

begonia care yellow flowerpot garden plant

Begonia style in white

white begonia garden framing plant

Combine begonias in different shades and put a colorful garden design into action

begonia different colors garden

The begonias perfectly complement the ambience in this garden

begonia begonia benariensis garden deco ideas

What should be taken into account when cultivating begonias is that the overgrowth of the houseplant is detrimental, which can even lead to death. For the room begonias, it is important that the size of the flowerpot should be adjusted to the size of the plant. The begonias need natural sunlight, so you should protect them by putting them at the window. There they get enough light and sun. Too much light can be harmful, the blazing midday sun does not affect the Begonia. Begonias like high temperatures, take note! Light and air are therefore important factors for Begonia. For the garden Begonien one should determine the place correctly, where one planted these. In the shade or partial shade these will thrive best.

Begonias bring color and gentle beauty to the garden!

begonia care colorful beautiful fresh deco ideas

Embellish the terrace with begonias

begonia garden decorate exterior ideas

Also take care of the aesthetic appearance of the plant by eliminating dead leaves and faded flowers. And if you have taken care of the plant properly, then look forward to the beautiful flowers of the plant longer!

Begonias are beautiful indoor plants

begonia care pink flowers flower pot

Begonia flowers in wonderful coloring

begonia flowers beautiful coloring garden plants

In combination with green shrubs, begonias are great

begonia care garden plants landscaping

Begonias are elegant

begonia care orange flowers garden plant

Begonia blossom with bee

begonia care pink bee garden plant

Bring freshness into the house through a flowerpot with begonias

begonia care deco ideas pink flowers flower pot

Begonias, begonias and begonias …

exterior ideas garden garden begonia

Begonia in yellow

yellow begonia flower garden plant

Fresh orange begonias

planting orange begonia garden

A rich planting; Begonias can be seen among the many plants

garden plants begonia dekoideen exterieur

Complete your garden design with begonias

garden shape begonia plant pots deco ideas

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