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Nowadays, the word interior design has extremely many variants and countless types of decoration. Each of us can enhance our space with the right accessories. For this you need the right tips and a suitable choice of materials and colors that fit your entire design. In this article, our editors have chosen a trend that is becoming more and more popular nowadays, because the look of the concrete accessories is simply unique.

Concrete decoration … Some time ago, homeowners reacted somewhat skeptically to the term, because concrete was considered a material for house building, foundation construction and stabilization of any project. But garden owners have been slowly shaping various concrete figures, such as planters. Today we see a versatile selection of home accessories made of concrete, suitable for home or office. You can make the concrete decoration yourself and thus introduce a personal touch into the ambience.

Combinations with a gray wall design is a good idea

home accessories made of concrete ideas candles made of concrete

The indestructible concrete home accessories with a cool look are perfect for any room and can be combined well with various interiors. The most popular combinations are gray, white or black wall colors, because the natural material thus shows its versatility. In everyday life you also need numerous decorative elements.

Concrete offers many textures and shapes. Wine holders and ashtrays are just the beginning of the great list of decoration made of concrete. The elements beautify the home, because the creative designs create a welcoming atmosphere in the room. Better to say, the concrete decoration is a real eye-catcher at home.

Creative and practical – concrete decoration

Wine holder made of concrete stable

An enormous range of products will definitely help you to find the right decorative pieces. Unlike other traditional decorations, you can also find pieces of furniture made of this material. Matt, semi-glossy and shiny … .Beton offers a great variety of shapes and surfaces that can be combined well with different spaces. But can you make a luxurious piece of decoration yourself? Yes, it is possible and not difficult at all.

Wall clock made of concrete? Yes, she is reality

Clock made of concrete

Personalizing home accessories yourself is a unique idea that can be realized within hours if you have the right materials at your disposal. Material mix of gravel, cement and water harden the concrete within hours, if you plan a proper relationship. First, you should have a clear idea in mind and a matching empty shell or figure. Without these molds you can practically make the desired shape very difficult. Although concrete is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly materials in the world, you should wear protective equipment during the preparation process.

Enjoy your evening with wine glass translucent concrete

made of concrete decoration

Environmentally friendly, indestructible and perfect looking – The positive properties of the concrete simply have no end. Home accessories with various functions are among the trends this year. We have summarized practical forms and creative ideas in a picture gallery. Be inspired and do not forget that every idea can be crafted by yourself if you have enough time and patience.

The concrete decoration is an eye-catcher in the room

creative shapes us ideas made of concrete

made of concrete self-assemble concrete decoration

furniture made of concrete ideas tips Furniture made of concrete ideas Ledo ideas made of concrete lamps made of concrete ideas lamps made of concrete hanging lamps
Creative lamp made of concrete creative forms of concrete small clock made of concrete candles made of concrete decoration
industrial look made of concrete cool design made of concrete clock cool ideas made of concrete concrete ideas and tips concrete in different colors concrete decoration ideas accessories made of concrete decoration concrete accessories

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