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Bicycle wall mount – a practical and effective wall decoration

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So original, practical and funny at the same time can be a bicycle wall mount!

The bike is one thing you should not do without for several different reasons. First, it’s fun. Second, you can do healthy excursions in the countryside. Third, it’s often more convenient to move around the city than anything else.

Space-saving bicycle wall mount

bicycle mount bike wall mount bicycle hanging

But the bike is one of those things that should be easy to handle. So you are more motivated to grab it quickly. No matter in what circumstances and for what reasons of movement we do that, a bicycle is always practical.

It used to be like hiding the bike. But meanwhile one observes a new aesthetic view on it. The bicycle wall mounts have become a great accessory. You can get to the city facades and also to the wall in your own living room!

Integrate the bikes in your wall decoration

Bicycle Mount Wall Mount Bracket Bike Bicycle Bike Mount Bicycle Mount

You think this is excluded for your upscale apartment? Let’s bet that’s not true. Take a look at the great examples we have chosen for you. Maybe the bike mount is just the right decoration you need on your empty wall.

By the way, there are also some great ideas on how to use the old bikes.

Spice up gray facades

bicycle wall mount bike mount wall bicycle stand wall

Just like at home, the gray city facades often need some fresh accents. The industrial look of this East Asian city could be elsewhere in the world. Everywhere people would also be happy about the sight of the great painted bicycle stands. So the community also seems to welcome the people who would like to use this kind of transport.

Bicycle mounting system in the city

bicycle mount wall bicycle wall mount bike holder wall

Here you can see a great, no less appealing installation, which also comes in great yellow to advantage.

Put fine colored bikes on the wall

bike holder bike wall mount bike mount wall

Here you can see the bike stand practically not. They have taken up the wall nuances and seem to grow out of them. The bicycles themselves show corresponding nuances and shapes with the modern ambience. It forms a great shadow play. It’s almost a shame to take them away from here.

Made of iron

bicycle hanging bicycle mount bike wall mount

Industrial chic and minimalism seem to work well in this room. This is included in the design of the bicycle mount. Looks great and suitable when the vehicle is there and also after taking it away.

Three-dimensional art on the wall

bicycle wall mount bicycle stand wall bicycle mount wall

Actually, you could also describe the previous examples as such. But here one has also planned to integrate the bicycle wall mount in the constellation of pictures on the wall. You just put it all in a suitable frame. It seems to have worked great, right? Partly it worked well, because the nuances of the wheel also correspond wonderfully with those of the industrial ambience displayed here.

The bike color must fit

bicycle wall mount bicycle hanging bicycle mount

Here, too, would be the right moment to point out the following: If you want to integrate your bicycle stand, or your bike into the interior design, then you would have to think about the color when shopping. Alternatively, you should consider repainting the bike.

Spice up the exterior in a Mediterranean style

bicycle stand wall bicycle wall mount bike mount wall

You could also place the bike trailer on the outside wall. Then you could decorate the basket with flowers. Just like you did here. So you have a great decoration for the facade even in the summer seasons.

Set a bright accent

bike hanging wall mount bike bike mount wall bike wall mount

Wall shelf and bike holder in one

bicycle mount bike bike suspension wall mount

How do you like this idea?

bicycle mount bike wall mount bicycle stand wall

Bicycle stand in the form of a bull’s head

bicycle holder wall bicycle mount wall bicycle wall mount

Use the space under the stairs practically and decoratively

wall mount bicycle bike hanging bicycle mount wall

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