Binding a bouquet yourself – that’s how it goes step by step

Hello, dear flower lovers! Autumn is already here and all around us we discover the warm colors of the new season. Especially in the flower shops, the autumnal flowers are a real treat for eyes and soul. Do you want to introduce the colorful charm of autumn into your four walls? Then you are exactly right with us today! We want to show you how you can tie a bouquet of flowers yourself with a little hand skill and a lot of imagination. But why should you tie the beautiful autumn flowers to a bouquet yourself, some flower fans would ask. We have the answer: a self-bound bouquet not only looks adorable, it spreads a strong personal touch. If you want to decorate your home with the bouquet in autumn or to put an accent in the room, you express your character and style.

A beautiful, skilfully bound bouquet exudes a good mood

bouquet binds tips and tricks for a great bouquet

There are many occasions in the new season where you can enjoy friends and relatives, loved ones, and work colleagues with a self-bound bouquet of flowers. Give away your masterpieces and let them speak. Because flowers say more than thousands of words! Show your creativity and learn to tie a beautiful bouquet with us!

First you have to get colorful flowers. In each flower shop are currently beautiful dahlias, chrysanthemums and hydrangeas to find. To the typical autumn flowers still count sunflowers in bright yellow, autumn asters and autumn anemones. But surely you have a green thumb! Then these autumn beauties will surely grow in your own garden. You only need to pick some there and off you go! Roll up your sleeves! We get together to work and bind a great bouquet just like the florists!

Who has a farmer garden, can draw from the full!

Bouquet bind fresh deco ideas for the apartment

Step 1: Tying up preparation for bouquet yourself

In this preparatory phase, you first have to get everything necessary. You need about 15 beautiful autumn flowers, including can roses they can be found all year round in the flower shops. Select only closed flowers. So keeps your bouquet a little longer! Other necessary materials to bind the bouquet are a rose scissors, a sharp knife, cut green, binding wire, flower ribbon and possibly small decorative items (as desired!). Keep everything at hand and start the actual work. First you have to cut the stems and free them from foliage. Remove the leaves on the lower stem part, otherwise they will disturb you by binding the bouquet.

Freshly picked in your own garden!

bouquet bind deco ideas for the modern apartment

Step 2: Bind the working phase of the bouquet yourself

During this phase of work, you absolutely have to let your hand skills come into play! First, choose a flower that has a straight and sturdy stalk and maximum flowering size. It forms the centerpiece of the self-bound bouquet of flowers. Not only the flower variety, but also the flower color plays an important role, because this first flower continues to set the tone. Around them you will arrange the other flowers. If you want to give this first flower more support, you can wrap binding wire around its stem. Put this flower in your left hand and press lightly with your thumb. Then start with your right hand to add the other flowers you have chosen and some greenery. Always put these spirally together and you will get an excellent end result. Watch the attached video as the pros do it:

Step 3: Tie together, cut flower stems and into the vase!

You’re almost there! Use the binding tape to tie the bouquet together. Then cut the stems back to the same length with the rose scissors and turn the bouquet. You can now eliminate small optical errors. To achieve a truly perfect result, make sure that the first flower is in the center of the bouquet. This is usually the undisputed highlight in the whole masterpiece. If you like the self-bound bouquet, put it in the vase filled with fresh water. Or do you prefer to give it away? That depends only on you!

We wish you many such masterfully bound bouquets, which will give you much pleasure at every sight!

Bouquet tie step by step

Bouquet Bouquet Add each flower carefully

Tying bouquet as the pros do

Bouquet bind beautiful decoration for the home make yourself

bouquet of flowers bind colored flowers

Bouquet itself tying up fresh ideas for the wedding bouquet

bouquet itself bind colored deco ideas for the modern apartment

bouquet itself bind the apartment freshly decorate

Bouquet bouquet yourself and bring a fresh mood home


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