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Black and white striped walls make any room attractive!

Are you thinking about modernizing the wall design at home? If so, then we can claim that you find the perfect inspiration in this article. The black and white striped wall is considered a statement in the interior and positively changes the atmosphere. In search of the ideal design, our editorial team came across some ideas presented in the following paragraphs. Learn more about this modern interior design.

Choose vertical or horizontal lines for the room

black white remodel wall

Black white stripes are back in 2018!

Before we go into the current designs, let’s take a closer look at the trend. Black and white stripes are currently playing a major role not only in wall design, but also in floor design and fashion. Fashion designers have focused on these elements again this year.

The result is clear – numerous pieces of clothing such as jeans, shirts and T-shirts can be seen on the streets of every city. Interior designers cleverly exploited this idea.

Reshaping a room should first start with the little things and details. Start by determining the direction of the stripes. Should you be vertical or horizontal? This question should be answered first, because this little thing determines the overall look. Only then comes the next little thing – the width of the stripes. The very wide stripes look very stylish and modern, and the thinner ones are classed as classic. A mix of thin and thick stripes would be the golden mean, so to speak. You are welcome to use alternatives and determine the interesting lines according to your taste.

The stripes give the room a luxurious look

black white wall design

What are the benefits of the strips?

According to experts, the stripes strongly affect the overall appearance of the room and provide an optical illusion. So you can make every room look wider and longer. More and more people are trying numerous design ideas that make the living room bigger. The black and white striped walls provide an elegant and optical illusion for the human eye from afar.

Make your room look bigger with the black striped walls

black and white ideas wall design

Painting or wallpapering?

The beautiful wall decoration has two practical variants – painting and wallpapering? Of course, it depends on the surface, which option is more practical. The wallpapers provide a unique look when the walls are flat. The range of models is very large and offers designs that can be optimally used. A practical alternative is painting. It is cheaper compared to wallpapering and is suitable for rooms with surfaces that are not quite smooth.

The beautiful ideas look similar at first, but you should focus on the detail and use the individual images as inspiration.

A cool interior design also for the toilet

black and white striped walls interior design

Design the bedroom according to the latest trends

black and white striped walls interior

Combine the black and white striped walls with neutral tones

remodel black and white striped walls

A clever idea for floor design. Create a visual balance!

wall design black and white striped walls

Thick and thin stripes can be combined well!

design black and white striped walls

Black white striped walls provide a perfect look

design ideas black and white striped walls

The thicker the stripes, the cooler the interior becomes

striped walls ideas

The artificial lighting design also plays an important role

ideas black white alternative striped walls

The long stripes make every room look a lot bigger

interior black and white striped walls

Many interior designers determine this wall design as a piano

Lines black and white striped walls

Choose an atypical wall design

black white cool designs

Floor design also in black and white? Why not?

remodel black and white ideas

Wallpapering is considered the best option for flat surfaces

black and white striped walls ideas

black and white striped walls lines

 black and white striped walls

black and white ideas striped walls design

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