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Black for wedding cakes? Yes, and you will be fascinated!

In this article we would like to introduce a relatively provocative aspect in the topic of wedding cakes. It’s about using the black paint on this. For some people that might sound a little bit bizarre. However, black generally makes the wedding decoration look very stylish. The pies are an important part of it! Many of the ideas shown here include black and other shades. So we are dealing with a varied topic.

So black and so fabulous is this wedding cake, right?

Wedding cakes rustic background

Glorious wedding cakes in dark shades

Only rarely are wedding cakes completely in black or executed in dark shades. We want to take away your fear right from the beginning! Complete black culinary works of this kind often appear spectacular and magnificent. Often they are combined with high-contrast decoration, discreet vintage elements or metallic shine.

In all cases incomparable works of art come about.

There are many fabulous wedding cake in black and white

flowers ornaments wedding cakes

Black and white wedding cake

A big topic in the Wedding Kullinarie are the pies in black and white. They are an ideal match for minimalist and modern decorations. Moreover, they are quite neutral and correspond to both the bride’s attire and the groom’s attire. That’s probably fair, because the second is often neglected at wedding parties something.

You want a lot of decoration on the wedding cake? Use black and white!

gorgeous design wedding cakes

Decoration in black

Wedding cakes in bright or white color can be made into a magnificent piece with black decoration. At the same time it looks very stylish, but also romantic and classic. Also sensual and provocative! If you work with a neutral color palette, you can afford to easily exaggerate with the details.

Green and black can be wonderfully combined not only in the design!

green black wedding cakes

Black refines and brings out other colors

Black can be combined with many other colors. Especially modern is the pairing with green, orange and other glaring shades. White cake with ornamentation that looks like “lace”, combined with red roses could be considered classic. As in fashion and design, Schwarz speaks for style and very good taste. Incidentally, this color can be found in pies in different variants. Sometimes it can also be replaced by other dark nuances. But our examples speak for themselves! Enjoy the works of art we have selected and be inspired by them!

The probably noblest decoration for schwaze wedding cakes includes neutral and discreet yellow!

dark wedding cakes with gray arguments

Black lace and roses are also a classic combination for pies!

Delicate design in black wedding cakes

Black and gold also make wedding places spectacular, right?

Decorated in upscale colors wedding cakes

Pink and Gold as Wedding Cake Decoration – Enchanting!

golden inscriptions wedding cakes

Or would you rather have black with orange?

Wedding cakes accents in orange

Try retro ornaments on black wedding cakes!

Wedding cakes noble floral decoration

Wedding cakes glaze and retro theme

Wedding cakes golden lace

Wedding cakes golden style

Such a great homemade wedding cake with a lot of black!

Wedding cakes home made and boho

Wedding cakes coffee beans idea

Wedding cakes delicious splendor

Wedding cakes marble and blue

Black and metallic shine – this is how the wedding cake looks noble!

Wedding cakes metallic colors

Wedding cakes retro theme

Wedding cakes cream and black accents

Wedding cakes grind immitation

The realistic deco comes on wedding cakes particularly well to advantage!

Wedding cakes black with gold

Black and gray together make a fabulous combination

blue gray design wedding cakes

Wedding cakes black pattern red roses

Wedding cakes black ornaments

Wedding cakes black lace

Legendary suit inspiration wedding cakes

Another great example of black and white with red roses

red and black wedding cakes

black white wedding cakes on several stages

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