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Black kitchen cabinet ideas for the chic cook

Black kitchen cabinet ideas for the chic cook

When we first think about the kitchen space, we may think of white, pastel or bright colors, especially in the summer months. However, for this chic, edgy Touch Black is the way to go. The rich hue brings your cooking space to the next level with little or no effort. Here are some black kitchen cabinet ideas for the chic cook who would like to bring something different to their interior design.

Black cabinets with contrasting backsplash

Schwarze Küchenschrank-Ideen für den schicken Koch
The combination of black cabinets with a bold backsplash brings everything together. Consider using shades of black, white, blue, and / or a blend of collaborative shades. You can even add a bold touch by adding some color.

White cabinets are outside, black ones are in there! Paint your closets completely black and add a contrasting backsplash for a nice pairing that screams chic and modern. Consider a matte finish to enhance your look in a more trendy way.

Black cabinets and steel accents

Schwarze Küchenschrank-Ideen für den schicken Koch
Steel elements are great when working with black cabinets because they stand out well from the darker color. Add a few pieces of steel to light up the darker cabinets.

Black cabinets, paired with steel accents, are the perfect combination if you want to add a classic element to the kitchen while at the same time being classic and composed. Add a steel chandelier and combine it with steel stools for the rounded touch that is more than just an accent.

Go glamorous

Schwarze Küchenschrank-Ideen für den schicken Koch
Glamor could be hard to come by in the kitchen, because there are not many things you can do to add that glamorous touch. But if you work with black, you can do it very quickly. Add a few chandeliers and fixtures for the perfect combination that enhances the space.

Black is a neuter that always looks elegant in itself, but when paired with a touch of glamor, it immediately takes a different approach. Add a glamorous chandelier and / or seating area near the kitchen for this beautiful element that brings everything together.

Farmhouse Touches

Schwarze Küchenschrank-Ideen für den schicken Koch
The establishment of the farmhouse has recently become one of the most popular interior design styles. Therefore, the addition of black cabinets seems to be just the perfect complement to the decor style. A daring wooden kitchen island could make a big difference, especially if it’s made of wood.

For a country house feel, add a large kitchen island to your black cabinets, the contrast between the two creates this classic farmhouse charm. Pair of blond wood elements and wooden stools for this seamless approach.

Black and white

Schwarze Küchenschrank-Ideen für den schicken Koch
Black and white are perfect when working in your kitchen, especially if you want to use both shades but can not figure out exactly how to do it. Paint a few cabinets white and add the main cabinets black.

No color pair is as classic as black and white, which is perfect for the kitchen area. The flow between these two colors is great if you want to have a modern range that still has that classic quality. Pair with black and white accents throughout the room to illuminate everything.


Schwarze Küchenschrank-Ideen für den schicken Koch
Marble is a great complement to black cabinets due to the veining effect marble is known for. Consider adding chairs that match your marble pieces to make sure everything stays coherent and rounded. This results in a lightening effect between the darker shades.

There is nothing like marble in the kitchen, especially when paired with black cabinets. Keep it simple with a sleek design, but add a large marble island to add that “wow” factor that makes a statement. Pair with classic stools for a compiled look.


Schwarze Küchenschrank-Ideen für den schicken Koch
A sleek design could be just what you need for an elegant kitchen design. The nice thing is that you can integrate as many shades and colors as you like without changing your layout, because the designs are so elegant.

For this classic sleek design you go for a very black aesthetic. In this way you bring the desired chic touch into an innovative kitchen. Do not add color to the contemporary appeal that remains coherent.

Black lacquered cabinets

Schwarze Küchenschrank-Ideen für den schicken Koch
Glossy is in! and it looks incredible when paired with dull pieces. Keep the room simple so that the gloss effect becomes the main focus of the room. You may even consider adding chandeliers to brighten the room and reflect off the shiny surface.

There are numerous ways to use black color in the kitchen. However, the most innovative form to date is the use of black paint. Black lacquer cabinets are shiny, trendy and work well with matte and neutral pieces that you are considering to have around the house.

Traditional with black accents

Schwarze Küchenschrank-Ideen für den schicken Koch
Traditional decor comes in many different forms, some prefer wood, others prefer a sleek design. Whether you opt for a sleek appeal or a farmhouse touch black cabinets can make the biggest impact. Combine your black kitchen cabinets with a black island for the splash of color, which still has the classic kitchen aesthetics.

Traditional decor is always a good idea in the kitchen, but if you want to add a touch of trendy touch black. This increases the space while still maintaining the classic appeal that is known and loved.

Bold oven

Schwarze Küchenschrank-Ideen für den schicken Koch
When you hear the word “fat stove”, you may think of color, but sometimes you do not have to have a bold oven with a color you can have a daring black oven room with gold trimming. This can have a great effect that still fills the room and has this unique twist.

You do not have to have a boring oven place, though the area is dark. Consider using vibrant color, colorful tiles and / or subway tiles that are bright throughout the kitchen. Even if the room is mostly black, a bold stove area will elevate it.

Time to update your kitchen cabinets. Which one is your favorite idea? Please tell us in the comments below.


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