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Blockhouse: The traditional place of residence in a whole new way

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Couples of tradition and future trends

The prevailing trends in house building are strongly influenced by innovations. When looking closely, it often turns out that the reinvention of a long tradition. You can take years of valuable experience and strive to make the most of it with the use of advanced technologies. A typical example is log cabin building.

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Why are log cabins modern?

We currently have a large selection of log cabins in Germany and on Expert Company They offer. Why are they so modern and popular? Log houses log in wonderfully in the current trend of comfortable living on small areas and flexibility. For example, in the US, it is becoming more and more modern to move into a very small wooden house in the metropolitan area of ​​the city for a few days or even longer.
Living in luxury caravans and mobile homes is also gaining in popularity.
Such a lifestyle works because building professionals and designers are increasingly successful in mating the concept of flexible living with home comforts. This applies with full force to the high-quality log cabins.

Log cabin with light wooden facade and pitched roof

The benefits of the long tradition and the role of innovation

Fast and effective construction has gained an incredible amount of topicality in recent years. It was a good occasion to look back into the past and to learn from the many good practices there. Thousands of years ago, in northern Europe, houses were built from prefabricated wooden panels, which had previously been produced in special workshops.
Of course, this procedure is particularly easy to organize nowadays. Added to this are the innovations that make high-quality living possible.

Log cabins and modern architecture

Log cabins allow a lot of flexibility in the floor plan and interior design. They are suitable for creating open living plans and high rooms. Thus, any modern interior and exterior design concepts can be used. You can easily adapt the building to the already available yard layout.

Log cabin modern architecture interior design

energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is the most important distinguishing feature of modern buildings, whether they have worked with the most innovative technologies or not. High quality log cabins are made of very well selected wood material, mostly of slow growing softwood. They have very well sealed and insulated saddle roof construction. Ceiling covering, windows and doors are mostly made of wood as well.
Only the perfectly processed, so higher-priced natural material can simultaneously retain the heat, so that the humidity remains in healthy dimensions.

When are log cabins suitable?

There are many life situations in which fast, energy-efficient and healthy building is in demand. The construction of compact houses makes perfect sense if you create a healthier ambience and realize it within a short period of time. This can happen in the big city, in the countryside, in the city environment or in the middle of nature.

Log cabins for a healthier life

Healthy living ambience and nature are becoming more and more a luxury. Log cabins can be built with minimal pollutants and dust. So living there is healthy and the border with nature is much smaller than with ordinary buildings.
Log cabins combine the benefits of past building experience with the innovations of the future. Manufactured by good construction companies specializing in prefabricated constructions, they offer you a wonderful opportunity to live modern but healthy lives in the place of your choice.


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