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Bonsai tree – get to know this unusual plant better

bonsai tree garden plant landscaping

Mini bonsai tree and the Japanese art of gardening

For those who are now dealing with the term mini bonsai for the first time, let’s start with a small definition. But not only for this. Because if you’re reading this article, you may not know that the “mini bonsai tree” is a sensual repetition, ie tautology.

Because bonsai means translated from the Japanese “gardening on a tray”. It’s about the art of cultivating bushes from nature in a mini format. It is a fascinating species, which has already managed to care for trees that grow in nature for 300 years.

Bonsai plant with flowers

bonsai plant beautiful pink flowers deco ideas

Extremely small plant!

plant mini bonsai tree azalea

A little history

Often any knowledge of the history of Chinese and Japanese gardening themes will help us to discover a deeper meaning. The findings in Japanese tombs have established bonsai plants as a tradition that is 4,000 years old. These were then spread by the usual means of transport throughout Asia.

Through a bonsai plant make the exterior more beautiful

bonsai tree bonsai care landscaping

The mini bonsai plants were very popular, not only for their great looks. They were also a source of medicinal ingredients, and were very important in healing many people across the continent. It is estimated that the connection of the tree is connected with “penjing”. He was very similar in appearance to the bonsai tree.

Bonsai plant in pot as decoration for the home

mini bonsai tree plant beautiful deco ideas

The Bonsai art was discovered by the Japanese through their messengers in the 7th and 9th centuries and integrated into their country.

The variant we know today started to form about 200 years ago

bonsai plant garden plant decoration

Mini Bonsai and Feng Shui

You can not say that you can integrate a mini bonsai into Feng Shui. Rather, it is a kind of pair of two concepts of how to achieve harmony, inner peace and balance in one’s own life. Both represent art and science at the same time. Both teach how to combine aesthetic beauty with natural conditions. To achieve this, one manages to catch the “inner spirit” of the plants.

A fancy work of art Takanori Aiba

bonsai tree Takanori Aiba artwork

The Mini Bonsai Gardens look just like Feng Shui for the right shape. It can be different.

The main thing is that they let the energy go so that you feel in perfect balance

bonsai plant failed garden plant

So if you want to achieve harmony and productivity in the workplace, you can do so by pairing Feng Shui and Bonsai. But it is also possible that you choose one of the two variants as an alternative and opt for them.

Discover the beauty of this plant

bonsai plant garden plant landscaping

After all, the Bonsai tree a suitable place in the Feng Shui concept.

They must, as they are a wooden element, be positioned in the eastern part

bonsai plant garden shape plant

But you have to remember that the bonsai plants show their own life, their own system. That’s why you can apply the Feng-Shui principles to the bonsai trees. In this case, you consider the plants as a kind of landscape, which can be structured by the right shapes.

Tiny plants in plant pots

mini bonsai tree unusual decoration plants

Bonsai plant with fruits

bonsai tree garden design beautiful deco ideas

This bonsai plant is reminiscent of the autumn

bonsai tree autumn beautiful deco ideas

Gorgeous pink flowers

bonsai tree leaves flowers garden landscaping

A beautiful nature creature!

mini bonsai tree pink flowers

This can be a wonderful decoration for the home

plant mini bonsai tree beautiful decoration

Bonsai plant in a stylish plant pot

mini bonsai tree interesting plant

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