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Bring picture frame in baroque look

Picture frames themselves make gold baroque frames

Make picture frames yourself – gold frame in Baroque style

Maybe you’ve seen a richly decorated picture frame in the store that you like, but whose color does not fit in with your home? Or you even have a Baroque-style frame in the attic? Perfect! Because you can turn it into a unique piece of jewelry in no time, putting all your pictures in the right light.


Prepare the picture frame

As a rule, not much has to be prepared for a newly purchased frame. That is why this step is especially relevant for old picture frames. Cracks in the wood can be filled with acrylic filler. Then smooth the surface with a spatula. Take some sandpaper (240 grit is best) and smooth the edges. If the paint peels off in some places, you can also remove the paint layer of the old frame with the sandpaper immediately afterwards.

picture frame itself make gold frame baroque

Apply the primer

Choose an acrylic paint as a primer. Darker colors make the frame look classically chic, while contrasting colors make it look sumptuous and pompous. Take a soft brush and apply the glaze to the entire frame. Also make sure that the paint gets into all corners and edges of the decorations. This is especially necessary if the original color of the frame differs significantly from your chosen primer.

picture frames themselves make baroque mirror frames

Set accents with gold color

Use gold color in liquid form. This is the best way to achieve the desired Baroque look. With gold leaf or gold spray, the desired effect can only be very cumbersome. On the one hand, the paint can be applied with a brush or a cloth in a very targeted manner, while at the same time preserving the look of a faded paint.

picture frame itself make baroque frame with picture


Grab a brush with coarse bristles and leave it in the dry state. The aim is to absorb as little paint as possible with the brush, so that no surface-covering, but a streaky paint is created, in which the color of the substrate remains visible. Proceed as follows: Dip the brush in the paint and rub off at the edge of the paint pot until no more drops of paint form and the color of the bristles is clearly visible. To further reduce the amount of paint in the brush, it can be additionally stripped of newsprint or pulp. Before the first stroke on the frame rather bring a little less color to the brush and rework if necessary. It is important that the paint does not run.

picture frames themselves make baroque photo frame

Then apply the remaining paint, which still adheres to the bristles, on the relief of the picture frame. This paints only the highest level of the profile, while the lower levels keep the base tone of the first coat. Continue to work until the bars look golden enough. The important thing is that the gold color is not transferred directly from the paint pot to the frame.

To frame the frame

The picture frame can finally be treated with wax. So-called “Shabby wax” or a simple colorless candle is suitable for this purpose. Carefully apply this on the frame. Finally, you polish the whole thing with a dry cloth.

picture frames themselves make baroque frames gold

The frame can be decorated even further, e.g. with napkin technique or small figures, which one fixes on the frame with hot glue. You should only take care not to overload the good piece creatively. Otherwise, the effect of the image would be lost because the picture frame is too distracting.

picture frame itself make baroque frame flowers

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