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Bring up the nursery: How to make children happy

Nursery decoration ideas colorful wall design

Nursery decoration ideas

Do you have children and, as parents, hear more and more often that your offspring complains about the drab nursery? Although you can do relatively little against the fact that your offspring may find it too small, the possibilities in terms of design, layout and furnishing look much better.

In plain language, this means that there are really a lot of opportunities to make child life in your own home as comfortable as possible. The fact that not always everything has to be expensive and expensive is proved by the following lines.

Example of a nicely furnished children’s room

Children's room Decoration ideas Baby bed Children toys

New painting and new wallpaper are the easiest solution in the beginning

It is often said by the offspring that the color of the room or the wallpaper no longer pleases. If the room is only painted and does not have a wallpaper, the solution is quite simple, if not always automatically easy to implement: a repainting can still shine the same room in retrospect in a completely different light and that is sometimes even literally understand. When light falls over the windows in the room, the wall color has a significant influence on the mood and color in the room. While

  1. Dark colors tend to absorb and swallow light
  2. incident light from outside shine bright walls,

so that feel-good atmosphere arises. For wallpaper basically the same principle applies. However, the effort here is greater if the entire wallpaper is to be replaced. Occasionally, the individual webs stick to the walls and it costs several days until the last remnant is scraped off. Helpful hints for this scenario There is, however, also. The individual design possibilities with wallpaper are all the greater, since they can be purchased already printed with a finished pattern. If the perfect wallpaper is found, little or no creative work is necessary. In addition, there are some wallpapers very chic Börden that can give the finishing touches to a not yet perfect design. Nevertheless, one should not forget in both the one and the other variant that

  • the room must be completely emptied and
  • For example, carpet should be protected in advance accordingly.

Luminescent stickers are a great trend with plenty of space for customization

Who does not want to use a particularly unusual wallpaper or different wall colors with paintings to brighten up the nursery, which is the current Trend of using luminous stickers recommended. These stickers are those that can be purchased in different designs, so that in the end the right design for every taste. The fluorescent stickers “charge” during the day and, as soon as the ambient light is not strong enough, the energy in the form of light back to the environment. The mentioned functional principle goes on

  • the afterglow crystals implemented in the respective motif, the
  • in the context of a physical process provide for the effect explained.

For the boys there are as light stickers for example cars or planes to buy, but also small and large dinosaurs are in the program. For girls, a unicorn, a magic elf or even butterflies can be purchased. The advantage of Leuchtstickern is also the fact that the wall motifs while glowing already in the twilight and at night, but their luminous capacity is not so large that they could disturb the sensitive sleep just young children sufficiently. In addition, an attachment to the wall is very easy and it is also no problem after a certain time to exchange for another motif, so that is always taken care of variety.

Wall tattoos with the function of a bar are always popular with children

Also very trendy: So-called wall tattoos, which also fulfill the function of a bar. These are usually stickers that can be purchased in a predefined size and can be easily moved to the wall. The attachment itself requires little know-how, although of course care should be taken that the motif is glued straight and at the correct height. Most of the motives that have a bar are graphically designed so that the actual functionality comes to light only at second glance. Thus, the argument against the ugly simple bar without motive, which used to be found in numerous nursery rooms, simply falls away. The motifs of the measuring slats are in turn similar to the fluorescent wall stickers presented in the previous paragraph. Strictly ordered according to boys and girls are for the former, for example

  1. a pirate ship,
  2. a knight’s castle, or
  3. a dragon

present, while for the girls about

  • a princess tower, or
  • a giraffe with a heart

be available. Another practical tip: If there is a complete redesign of the room in the room, it should be clarified in advance whether the new wall color harmonizes with the respective motif on the wall. While you can acquire quite a few different wall colors and wallpapers, many designs are only available in a specific color or color combination.

A successful concept for a children’s room

Nursery deco ideas colored nursery furniture

Pragmatic layout and furnishings should fit the concept

If the external conditions for the most beautiful nursery have ever been created, it works

  • the internal division and
  • Establishment of the children’s kingdom

or at least their optimization. Of course, the optimal layout is based on the conditions of the room, but also on the position of the windows and the door. For many parents, however, one thing is certain: it definitely has to be carpet and that’s why they’re the perfect match. Depending on how old your child is, so will

  1. minimize the risk of injury and
  2. even playing on the floor is facilitated.

If the child is older and a desk is available, it should be oriented towards the window, so that there is always sufficient light. Incidentally, existing furniture should of course also match the wall paint or other decorative items. Speaking of decoration: with only a few resources, you can also give your nursery a completely new look. This concerns curtains, cushions, new lamps for indirect lighting or matching pictures that are great for filling empty space on the walls. Likewise, all of these products are easy to exchange again at a later date and to adapt to any new preferences.


In summary, on the subject of “Nursery decoration ideas” say that the possibilities are truly enormous. Starting with a chic wall paint or wallpaper on great wall tattoos and staffs, up to an optimal layout and furnishings are all options open to you. Discuss exactly the wishes with your child in advance and plan in advance of new investment in advance meticulously. This avoids costly disappointments and nothing stands in the way of the perfect look of the new children’s room.


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