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Build a teepee tent yourself and make a private children’s play area

Children are inquisitive by nature. They explore the world through games and with the help of surrounding objects. It is only necessary to provide sufficient space where the little ones can develop their imagination and abilities and let off steam. Therefore, should the nursery spacious, colorful, and inviting to play. We have prepared a DIY project for you, which is a very private children’s corner where your child can do all they want to do: Build an Indian teepee tent yourself!

We try to explain the construction process in simple steps and show plenty of design ideas in pictures.

A private kingdom for children

tipi tent for children's room children's room with play corner tipi tent build yourself

Build a teepee tent yourself

build your own tenti as diy projects

You need the following materials:

  • 5 wooden slats 1.80 m high
  • The fabric of your choice 2 × 2 m (not too soft)
  • Seil
  • drilling machine

Wrap the rope well

play corner for the children's room make tipi tent yourself

The instruction

The wooden slats are cut to 1.80 meters (this can be done in the hardware store). Measure 1.50 meters and drill a hole on all strips.

The strips are placed pyramid-like with the holes facing up. Pull the rope through all the strips and tie it tightly together.

The fabric has two options. One is to cut out 5 pieces of fabric in a triangular shape with a height of 1.5 m and a width of 0.40 cm (leave a nurse) and sew them together into a pentagon. In the middle, a circle is cut out so that the top of the tent can get through. The second option is to simply lay the fabric around the play tent and attach it to the wooden strips with a tacker.

And you’re done with the Indian tipi tent for the nursery. The design is a matter of personal taste, imagination, and skill.

Think of a nice design and non-slip pad

children's room ideas and tipi tent for girls

More tips

You should also think of a non-slip floor covering. The carpet is the perfect underlay for the play tent. But if you B. laminate floor, you should have a small rug Place blanket or other non-slip and the soft underlay underneath.

To make the tent a little more child-friendly, you can use different-colored fabrics or those with colorful children’s motifs as a tarpaulin. Another great idea for parents who want to keep an eye on their offspring is to use clear lace fabric.

Für weitere Ideen und Anregung schauen Sie sich unsere Bildergalerie unten an. Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Erfolg beim Tipi Zelt selber bauen und glückliche Kindergesichter.

Beautiful design and decoration ideasTo build deco ideas for the children's room with tipi tent yourself

Das kleine Tipi Zelt ist perfekt zum Lesen

Set up a children's room with tipi tent yourself

Sew different fabrics together as tarpaulin

nursery ideas with play tent nursery building teepee tent yourself

The teepee tent can be moved quickly and easily outside

tipi tent for outdoor use tipi tent build yourself

The young people will also be looking forward to such a tent

tipi tent itself build for the youth room

A cute idea for the girl’s room

children's room design with play tent tipi tent build yourself

Build a rustic tipi tent yourself

kinderzimmerideen für spielecke tipi zelt selber bauen

Build a play corner for the children's room with Spielzelz and tipi tent yourself

Put themed throw pillows in the tent

play tent ideas for children's room set up tipi tent build yourself

play tent children's room design tipi tent build yourself

Another tent alternative

tipi tent and children's room ideas

Make for a cuddly underlay

tipi tent for the children's room as a play tent tipi tent build yourself

The blue accent reveals that the tent belongs to a boy

tipi tent sewing for the children's room make teepee yourself

Paint the tip brightly

tipi tent sewing tipi tent build yourself and paint colorful

Colorful and glad to be in the teepee tent

build your own teepee for the girl's nursery

ideas for tipi tent itself build children's room ideas

Decorate with pom-poms in pastel colors

build your own tent and decorate the play tent for the children's room

Fairy lights make the tent many fairytales

tipi tent itself builds children's room ideas with fairy lights

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