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Build your own greenhouse: what should you watch out for?

Gewächshaus selber bauen für Blumen

Do you have your own garden where you grow fruits and vegetables? Then maybe you still dream of a greenhouse? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this post we give many great ideas and helpful tips for those who want to build their own greenhouse. At the end of the article you will also find the link for a detailed blueprint that you could use as a model. We hope you enjoy our suggestions and we hope you enjoy reading them!

Build your own greenhouse: determine the location

Gewächshaus selber bauen Konstruktion auswählen

Gewächshaus selber bauen Obst und Gemäse anbauen

Gewächshaus selber bauen klein Holz Garten

Gewächshaus selber bauen Standort bestimmen

Gewächshaus selber bauen Konstruktion aus Holz Glasscheiben

Gewächshaus selber bauen für Heizung und Bewässerung sorgen

Gewächshaus selber bauen klein Holz Vintage

kleines Gartenhäuschen Treibhaus

Building a greenhouse yourself is a challenging DIY project that you can do alone or with the help of friends. The desired size of the greenhouse and the building materials you choose naturally play a very important role in this. The first step you should take in building is good preparation, and that is exactly what we will help you with in this post. If you already have a clear idea of what you want, your job will undoubtedly be much easier. First, you should choose the location. It is recommended that this is as close as possible to your house – some gardeners even mount the greenhouse on the southern outer wall. This is important so that you have the necessary water and electricity connections. You should just make sure that the house facade does not cast unwanted shadows on the greenhouse.

Build your own greenhouse: select construction

DIY Treibhaus Gemüse anbauen

kleines Treibhaus Garten herrlicher Look

Treibhaus Holz Vintage Look keine Fenster

Gewächshaus selber bauen Ideen und Tipps

mobiles Treibhaus aus Plastik klein

Treibhaus Konstruktion aus Holz Vintage

Treibhaus Konstruktion ungewöhnliche Form

Treibhaus im Garten bauen stabile Konstruktion Edelstahl

The next step is to choose the constriction. You can find prefabricated constructions in all sorts of sizes and price categories in garden and hardware stores, as well as on the Internet: from extremely insulated greenhouses to classic free-standing and lean greenhouses. You should simply buy the construction and mount it in the chosen location. The other variant is to build everything yourself or with the help of friends – but this requires certain manual skills and a little more free time. The construction can be made of aluminum, stainless steel or wood. You could replace the classic panes of glass with large Plexiglas sheets, which are less fragile. The type of roof doesn’t really matter. It is much more important that the orangery is equipped with many windows. Because thanks to the greenhouse effect, it is pleasantly warm there in winter, but it can quickly get very hot in summer. You can solve the problem by opening the windows. Even if you are using a pre-built construction, you should choose a floor covering. Stone, wood or concrete are perfect for this purpose because they protect the plants from frost.

Get the necessary accessories

Gewächshaus selber bauen sich das Zubehör besorgen

Treibhaus Glas Edelstahl Belüftung

Treibhaus gute Isolierung Winter

Häuschen im Garten als Treibhaus verwenden

Gewächshaus selber bauen ausreichend Fenster einplanen

Orangerie vorgefertigte Konstruktion

Orangerie selber bauen Blumen

Treibhaus achteckig Holz Garten

The next step is actually to get the necessary accessories – shelves, tables, prick boxes, plant lights, etc. Of particular importance are the good irrigation system and the heating, which ensures that the plants winter safely. Orangeries are usually used to grow vegetables, certain types of fruit, such as strawberries, and to plant flowers. The ideal temperature in the greenhouse is between 12 and 15 degrees all year round, but it can vary depending on the needs of the plants and the weather conditions. If you want to garden under a glass, it is necessary to know very well the specifics of all types of plants – otherwise you will not be able to get the desired result. The greenhouse can be set up as early as March – this is the ideal time for a number of vegetables, such as cucumbers and tomatoes.

Climate control plays a very important role

Bauanleitung Treibhaus

Treibhaus bauen vorgefertigte Konstruktion verwenden

Mini-Treibhaus für Tomaten

Gewächshaus selber bauen für Blumen

Gewächshaus selber bauen klein achteckig Vintage Stil

Gewächshaus selber bauen Notwendigkeit für jeden Gärtner

Gewächshaus selber bauen Tipps Klimasteuerung

Gewächshaus selber bauen hilfreiche Tipps

Good insulation is very important for all greenhouses and allows you to save heating costs. You can also do without heating entirely and opt for the so-called cold house. Cold houses offer a pleasant microclimate, suitable for many robust potted plants. On hot summer days, however, good ventilation is of crucial importance so that the greenhouse does not get too warm for the plants. As mentioned above, one solution to the problem is the many windows or automatic fans that are easy to install.

Here you will find detailed building instructions for a greenhouse that may be of help.

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