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Built-in sink for a modern and compact kitchen

modern sink kitchen island wooden countertop

Built-in sink designs for the kitchen

A modern kitchen has a modern sink, right ?! And what is more modern than that? Built-in sink ? In general, interior elements that can be incorporated are not only modern, but also very compact, because they save space for other furniture.

Double design of built-in sink , Just look how beautifully it corresponds with the brick wall behind it

sink design modern kitchen design

Round elegant design

kitchen sink design kitchen kitchen island green barstool

Built-in sink in silver and wooden worktop! They look nice together, right?

kitchen wooden work surface kitchen island gray wall design

Built-in sinks also look very elegant visually. Surely you agree with us, if you look at the following pictures, which we have for you. Often the sinks are not noticeable at all! So they contribute greatly to the more modern look of contemporary cuisine. All that remains is to choose a design that can be well matched to the rest of the interior elements so that the whole decor looks harmonious. Of course, the correct dimensions should be made beforehand so that you can choose the right model.

Built-in sink in a kitchen with beautiful wall design in black and red

kitchen sink design kitchen black wall tiles white kitchen cabinets

This kitchen has two built-in sinks because it has a large work surface

sink kitchen kitchen wall picture open shelves

Built-in sinks can be perfectly integrated in kitchen worktops made of laminate or laminate. The modern kitchen islands have been fitted with such a sink in most cases. The assembly itself is done very quickly, you should only take care of the sealing of the sink edge. Usually you use silicone or sealing tape for it. The penetration of water into the kitchen worktop is undesirable!

Built-in sink on white worktop

kitchen sink design kitchen large workplate white kitchen island

An elegant solution in white

kitchen sink white elegant modern fruits cutlery

Just look at these gentle lines in the interior of this modern kitchen!

sink kitchen island white design round dining table

Minimalist design

kitchen sink white design open wall shelves plant

Black sink and green worktop – a nice color combination

kitchen design white green fresh curtains sink

Built-in sink on a shiny work surface

kitchen fashion creme green elements combination brown

Built-in sinks are stylish

kitchen island sink modern white kitchen white floor tiles

Kitchen sink built-in sink

modern kitchen sink white kitchen island wooden countertop

Very simple design

modern built-in sink kitchen white bar stool

Stylish sink in a kitchen with an elegant brown interior

modern kitchen design kitchen island elegant carpet runner

White round sink, built into white worktop

round design kitchen sink small kitchen ideas

Traditional kitchen with almost unnoticeable sink

sink kitchen cabinets kitchen kitchen design black

Round built-in rinse on black countertop

kitchen sink design round kitchen white kitchen island flowers

This round design combines great with the metal elements in the kitchen

sink built-in kitchen design green wall accents


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