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What should women pay attention to when making their choice?

Even if these are not Cinderella’s glass shoes, bridal shoes just have to be perfect. Luckily, today’s women do not necessarily have to wait for a miracle to find the right shoes for their wedding. The role of the fairy godmother is already being taken over by many high-quality stores on-site or online, offering the future brides a huge selection of beautiful bridal shoes as well as everything else the female heart desires.

For the walk to the altar prefer to make classic, simple bridal shoes in white or cream. Others feel more comfortable in flat ballerinas with filigree lace and still, others opt for high heels with elaborate rhinestone embellishments on the heels. Wedding shoes are so varied and beautiful that the decision to take the right often takes days and even months.

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Which bridal shoes are the right ones?

The only real bridal shoes do not really exist. Because these are often a matter of taste and must be chosen individually for each bride. The rule of thumb is optimal comfort and a good gut feeling.

Simple or abundant draped with lace, pearls, or rhinestones? The answer to this question depends above all on the personal preferences of the bride and, consequently, on the style of the wedding dress. Another rule of thumb is that the more sumptuous and radiant the bridal gown, the simpler and more classic the bridal shoes must be.

Especially with the trendy midi dresses as well as with short bridal dresses, the shoes are displayed optimally and therefore their design is even more important. Because not only does she show her ankles and knees, but also her beautiful shoes. Especially small women and those who very often like to wear high heels should definitely prefer them as bridal shoes.

High heels extend the figure and make you look even slimmer

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Above all, real leather and satin are recommended as materials when choosing bridal shoes, because these look not only noble but adapt to the feet of the bride much better than artificial leather, for example.

In addition to classic bridal shoe colors such as white, cream, silver, and ivory, many brides nowadays opt for colorful shoes in bright colors, which then create a fresh accent on the wedding outfit. In such cases, the bride should adjust her bridal bag as well as the bridal bouquet to the shoe color optimally, so that the whole work more harmonious.

Vote bridal bouquet in color on the bridal shoes

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Important tips when buying the bridal shoes

Dear future brides, on this important day in your life, you must not neglect your feet, as they will carry you through all the unforgettable moments all the time. So that you can focus on your wedding and painlessly get over everything, you should first of all have on bridal shoes that are comfortable. So, do not give priority to the design and beauty of the shoes, but consider wearing comfort as equally important.

Our first tip to you is this: Only consider products that are of high quality! In addition, it would be useful if you choose your wedding shoes so that they are not too unusual for you. In other words, if you do not wear high heels, you might be better off looking for them and getting some nice wedges, flat or mid-high heels, classic bridal shoes.

Be the princess on the ball

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Of course, when buying your bridal shoes, the location and the ambiance of the celebration as well as the actual wedding are of fundamental importance. Take a good look at the floor in advance and think about which shoes you can use to get the most out of them. Very often exists for higher heels and smooth soles a real danger of slipping.

Extra trick: If your bridal shoes are too slippery, you can use coarse sandpaper on the soles or spray them with hairspray. This will make you feel safer and more stable in your shoes again.

Best to buy your wedding shoes before your wedding dress is completely finished. This is very helpful, especially for high heels, because only then can the hem length be perfectly adapted to the heel height.

Plateau bridal shoes and sandals are considered particularly stable

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The running in and a few more tips

It’s best to start by getting your bridal shoes in just a few weeks before your big day. Put on thick socks and then put on your shoes. Run through the apartment or practice your wedding dance in it. Incidentally, this also applies to the future groom. If the shoes are worn well on the wedding day, you will also feel much lighter and more comfortable yourself. Do not forget the pedicure before the wedding, because this will give you an extra dose of well-being in your shoes.

White, satin, and pearls – a true wedding classic

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Silicone cushions as bale cushions or only as straps for strappy sandals are further aids that often prove to be very practical and protect against unpleasant blisters. Due to the good padding, it no longer presses on the foot middle bones and the bale.

And similar to the fine tights you should buy a pair of chic shoes for security. If the worst comes to the worst, you can still slip into it during the party.

The latest trends for bridal shoes

In principle, the latest fashion trends already play a role in the design of the latest wedding dresses. This is however only conditionally. Because the bride should not feel like a model on the catwalk on the most important day of her life, but the princess should be on the ball and really enjoy the moment.

The perfect bridal shoes for real glitter and glamor fanatics

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But what are the trends in the wedding shoes for brides in the New Year? Just as with bridal gowns, classics such as lace, embroidery and rhinestones play a significant role here as well. In the new season, but also make loops a good figure and convince with their festive playfulness.

Flat bridal shoes like ballerinas are again very popular and preferred by many brides. This is especially the case when planning a beach wedding or getting married in boho style. Then they often resort to sandals that are lavishly spiced up with pearls and even tassels.

Even large glittering stones look great on bridal sandals

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Pumps, slippers and peep toes are of course still recommended and fit well with most bridal gowns. High-quality manufacturers such as Rainbow Club, G. Westerleigh, Avalia or Fiarucci offer you magnificent specimens not only in the specialized stores on site, but also if your Buy bridal shoes online want. Of course, brand-name shoes of the highest quality are not cheap, but they are valuable and durable and pay off completely. In addition, most bridal shoes can be perfectly dyed into a different color, which makes them suitable for everyday or special occasions.

So, only to! Find your perfect bridal shoes and walk with full hearts and light feet to the altar or the wedding arch where your love awaits you.

Good luck and a nice wedding wishes you the Freshideen-Redaktion!

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