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Buy pallets and create autumn decoration – 25 decoration ideas

Buy pallets and create great autumn decoration from them!

Autumn is coming back soon! Look forward to it! This season is beautiful and can bring us a lot of joy. What we have to do is learn to really enjoy this season. There are so many different good ways to do this.

Today we have a concrete suggestion: Buy great pallets and make interesting decoration out of it! Here are some simple ideas that you can certainly realize yourself.

Autumn decoration ideas from pallets

buy pallets diy decoration ideas autumn decoration

Buy pallets and greet the fall – simple decorative ideas to make your own

palette buy autumn decoration idea turquoise deco

Trays for cups

There is always something leftover from the pallets we use for the furniture. Do not throw away those leftovers. Make rectangles out of them, paint or paint them and use the cups and bowls!

Make cup coasters yourself

buy pallets diy decoration ideas mugs

buy pallets diy diy cup coasters make yourself

Wall decoration over the fireplace

The fireplace is not only reserved for the luxury rooms. And even if – the wooden pallets are great for the decoration of the associated wall surface.

Decoration also for the mantelpiece

decorate pallets herbstdeko ideas mantel decorate

Mirror frame made of wood

buy pallets herbstdeko ideas mantel decorate spoegelrahmen

Artisanal art from pallets in the garden

Do you want to make your garden more modern? What about your own idea for contemporary outdoor decoration? Well, the pallets are great for this purpose. You can delete them in interesting patterns. Do not forget the paintwork and the other care products that protect the wood of the pallets from moisture and pests.

Garden decoration ideas for creative brains

buy pallets herbstdeko ideas gartendeko

Halloween garden decoration to make your own

buy pallets diy_deko ideas to paint turquoise

Build a cute male from Euro pallets

Buy pallets creative diy decoration ideas man

Figures made of pallets

Let’s continue with the artful design now. It does not necessarily have to be an installation. With a little more hand skill, you can also cut out any pieces from the pallets.

Some of these can also be in the garden and others – the house facade or other vertical outside or inside surfaces decorate.

Pumpkin from a wooden pallet – simple and creative

buy pallets diy_deko ideas garden decor wooden curbs

You can easily paint a rabbit on a palette

buy pallets diy decoration ideas bunny

Male with hat and autumn flowers on it

buy pallets herbstdeko ideas tinker yourself

candle holder

Use the sturdy wood of the pallets and create great candlesticks or some other kind of table decoration.

Buy pallets and create a decoration for different occasions

Halloween and other events are still in store for us this season. The pallets are perfect for decorating these holidays!

The DIY clothes hooks can also be quickly transformed into tealight holders

buy pallets diy_deko ideas tealight holder

Candlestick on the wall

pallets buy herbstdeko ideas candlesticks


The wooden pallets are a wonderful area on which you write down various things – a motto or a motivational word. Great is not it? That’s another great idea for the decoration in the garden or at home!

buy pallets decor ideas welcome sign palette buy autumn decoration ideas welcome sign

Welcome the fall with a creative DIY project

buy pallets herbstdeko make ideas yourself

Positive messages

buy pallets autumn decoration ideas wall decoration pallets buy diy decoration ideas shield buy pallets diy decoration ideas wall decoration

DIY wall shelf for decorative items

buy pallets diy_deko ideas wall shelf deco products

Build a Christmas tree from pallets yourself

Buy pallets diy_deko ideas christmas tree

An original wall clock

buy pallets diy diy ideas wall clock build yourself

Bolder frame with a difference

buy pallets diy_deko ideas build picture frames yourself Buy pallets wall decoration ideas picture frame

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