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47 beautiful delicacies for the perfect wedding celebration

What could be better for this summerly lightheartedness and casualness, as a chic cake decoration in the Boho style? This colorful style is on everyone’s lips again! And not just when it comes to furnishing or dressing, but even when it comes to food and celebrations. Because living in a boho style means feeling completely free and easy. You can see and feel this in every detail and every aspect of life and being together. Not for nothing is the Bohemian Chic very close to the Modern Hippie Style and is even often used as a synonym for it. Because of its naturalness and joie de vivre, the boho style is increasingly preferred by many couples when organizing their wedding celebration.

So, with the help of a professional wedding planner everything is adjusted to the smallest detail and set up with a lot of feeling. Boho Style Weddings are almost always outdoors – in the forest or park, on the beach or on the lake … In such an environment, the wedding celebration itself gets even more romantic touch and stays forever in the heart of the happy spouses and their mitfeiernden guests. At a boho or hippie wedding, it’s all about: as much nature as you can!

Lovely cake decoration in boho style

cream cake wedding in boho style with real flowers

The boho wedding: real flowers and natural textiles …

And in everything! The festive table is arranged with real flowers and plants, the chairs and the floor covered with natural home textiles and the bride and groom are dressed entirely in boho style – loose lace dresses and elegant yet casual suits fit perfectly here.

The bridal bouquet itself looks rather unconventional and simple, as if one has picked the flowers shortly before the wedding on the nearest meadow. And the cake decoration … yes, the cake decoration is fairy tale and adventurous at the same time.

Dreamcatchers and Indian tents, arrows and feathers, as well as filigree patterns, such as henna tattoos, and peacocks are among the most popular motifs that characterize a delicious wedding cake in boho style. Of course you could also order this kind of cake decoration for the next birthday party or prepare your own and surprise your loved one with it.

What are the latest trends in pie decoration?

bohemian style cake tortendeko real flowers succulents wedding in the woods

The Wedding Cake: Drizzle or Naked?

Or maybe choose a semi-naked cake for the wedding? Of course, the long-awaited and trendy “nude” wedding cake will remain the desired option for many marriages in this wedding season as well. Others, however, prefer the so-called Drizzle Cake – which provides an instant WOW effect. On the light butter or cream cream of the cake runs from top to bottom delicious chocolate or delicious caramel and seduced to touch and snack. Just lovely!

The trendy Drizzle Cake, arranged with fresh fruits and flowers

drizzle cake wedding cake cream semi naked pie

The Semi Naked Cake is currently one of the hottest cake décor trends par excellence. Decorated with delicious berries and fresh roses, this wedding cake is the dream of every boho chic bride … Similar to the Naked Cake you can see some of the cake bottoms here, just a little more subtle and elegant, very often smeared with light cream.

If desired, the whole thing is also rounded off with lavender flowers

wedding etagent wedding in boho style blackberries roses

Depending on their own taste, the bride and groom can choose the perfect cake decoration for their unforgettable boho style wedding celebration or maybe even prepare it themselves. The latter can be perceived by the future couple as a kind of “pre-trial partnership” just before their big day, providing more romantic taste and passionate sensuality.

A simple recipe for a heavenly delicious wedding cake with lots of Flower Power to imitate you will find here , We wish you a good luck and a lot of fun preparing your perfect wedding celebration!

Of course, exotic fruit is perfect as a cake decoration

boho style wedding cake with exotic fruits and cream boho style pie summer party wedding celebration

real berries cream pie for wedding in boho style


floor decoration bohemian style fondant with real flowers and arrow

floor art boho style wedding pastel colors

wedding cake in boho style with fruits and icing sugar

bohemian wedding cake rustic with chocolate and real roses

boho style pie wedding dream catcher indian tent

bohemian style wedding cake decorating cake fondant flowers peacock feather boho style wedding cake peacock motifs boho style

boho style tortendeko with real flowers and drawings

bohemian style wedding cake with two elephant figurines with fondant

boho pie birthday cake wedding cake tortendeko colorful

boho pie hocheitet etagentorte with feathers

colorful cake place for bohemian wedding hippie style

simple chocolate cake in boho style with real roses and figs

wedding cake ideas boho style

Flat cake with real flowers and chocolate

Filigree cake in boho style with real flowers

fondant cake wedding in boho style tortendeko made of feathers and flowers

fondant cake wedding cake in boho style hippie

fresh flowers tortendeko for boho wedding cream cake

wedding buffet in bohemian style

elegant boho pie heyday hippie style

Wedding cake made from cheese with grapes and figs

wedding cake with bohemian style tortendeko

Indian tent pie in boho style fondant

ombre wedding cake boho style

boho style wedding cake with flowers

romantic tortendeko in boho style floor wedding

cream caramel wedding cake in boho style

Chocolate cake wedding boho style pie with roses and fruits

chocolate cake wedding cake cake with real flowers

beautiful bohemian style wedding cake birthday cake

original boho style wedding cake graphic pattern

tortendeko for boho style wedding with real berries and flowers

dream catcher motifs tortendeko summer party wedding cake

tortendeko boho style cake place birthday party wedding cake

forest wedding tortendeko in boho style with fondant and real roses

white velvet wedding wedding boho style cream fondant floral motifs

white rose layer cake in boho style

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