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Care of the stainless steel kitchen – Our tricks for hygienic cleaning

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The regulations on the food industry are getting stricter when it comes to health. That’s why foods are safer in our time than ever before. But quality and hygiene must not stop at the cash register in the supermarket. Everybody has to take care of the home-protection against poisoning with food. The cleanliness of the kitchen at home is an important part.

Advantages of stainless steel

As far as hygiene is concerned, kitchens made of stainless steel have advantages. Other materials, such as stone, wood or plastic, they are superior. This resulted in bacteriological investigations. Stainless steel refers to steels with a considerable degree of purity. It is available in a shiny and dull optic, depending on how the steel was machined. Matter stainless steel was brushed or sanded, high gloss polished. However, none of the variants is additionally provided with an organic layer or with a metallic overlay. Instead, they have a passive layer. It is caused by the fact that chromium, as a component of stainless steel, reacts with oxygen from the air and forms a protective film. This very thin oxide layer separates the metal from the environment and prevents rust and permanent traces. If the surface is dirty or greasy, the reaction does not take place. Then even the stainless steel corrodes.

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Suitable cleaning agents

Abrasion and corrosion are also on the noble material breeding grounds for bacteria. In order to maintain the hygiene, the surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned. Aggressive cleaning fluids, bleach and steel wool are unsuitable for this purpose. Cleaners may be neutral, but they do not have to be neutral. Suitable are both alkaline and acidic agents. It is not for nothing that many housewives swear by cleaning their stainless steel kitchens with vinegar or even pure vinegar. To make sure that the agent does not attack the surface, it is advisable to take a sample at an inconspicuous location. Siemens recommends the use of specially developed cleaners for the care of stainless steel for its high-quality products made from this material. A large selection of these funds finds the user on page of , Wiping and polishing always takes place in the direction of the structure. Towels made of pure cotton, made of microfiber, synthetic or natural leather are suitable for this. Circular movements should be avoided. This preserves the brushed surface of the stainless steel.

stainless kitchen cleaning cleaning detergent hygiene

With home remedies against Kalk and Co.

On stainless steel surfaces splashes of water leave lime residues. These can be removed with simple home remedies. A proven agent is 25 percent acetic acid. With a mild detergent and lemon juice, mixed in equal parts, you get a similar result. Water drops and fingerprints disappear with glass cleaner. It is applied with a microfibre cloth and wiped with clear water a short time later and dried. The alcohol contained in most window cleaners disinfects in addition. Essential oils , like lemon, orange or lavender oil, work in the same way. Natron helps against stubborn tar edges. Dissolved in a little water and applied with a sponge, it dissolves the tannin.

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If the surfaces are dull or scratched, a polish returns the gloss. In addition to stainless steel polishes from the specialist trade help here also simple home remedies. After a thorough cleansing, a splash of lemon juice makes for shiny surfaces. Have an excellent effect olive or baby oil. It is placed on the surface with a dry cloth and wiped off with kitchen paper after a short exposure time. Hygienically clean remains the stainless steel kitchen if it is cleaned regularly rather than heavily soiled. If spills are wiped away immediately, pathogens can not spread. Cleaner is always removed with plenty of water, polish with a cloth. The surfaces should be kept dry or wiped dry immediately. Then permanent stains have no chance.

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