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Chartreuse – the trendy green shade

Among the green nuances, this year is characterized by a very special shade and this is more and more as a trendy Grünnuance in the interior through. Chartreuse calls itself this bold and lively color. One can even say that Chartreuse has made the breakthrough and 2018 will be seen more and more often in many interior designs. But now comes the logical question: which color is exactly Chartreuse? Surely many readers are wondering, because it is a bit difficult to cope with different nuances and numerous shades in this wide colored sea. Our design experts give the answer immediately. Chartreuse is a bright mix of yellow and green. Chartreuse takes the place of lime and mustard with even greater presence and trendy appeal. To illustrate what you have just written, we have compiled a list of magnificent zombie designs that reveal the charm of Chartreuse in the most beautiful and stylish way.

Slowly but surely, the trendy green shade conquers the interior

Chartreuse trendy color 2018 interior

In today’s article you will learn where and how you can set accents in this unique green nuance in your interior and which colors you can combine with them. We take you into a beautiful, colorful world, where Chartreuse dominates, and unfold its potential and creative possibilities within your own four walls.

Stay with us and let us surprise you!

A comfortable couch in Chartreuse cuts a fine figure in the living room and immediately attracts everyone’s attention

Chartreuse modern living room

  • The trendy green shade Chartreuse finds a wide application at home

We want to start by allowing you to use this modern color tone in every room of your own home. It fits wonderfully into the living room and bedroom, but looks just as attractive in the nursery, kitchen and hallway. The trendy green shade can make the walls of your home shine and fill the room with a happy atmosphere. You can use the paint to a greater extent and apply it on wide surfaces if you are brave enough and innovative enough.

For the undecided there are also good chances to introduce Chartreuse in their interior. You can just paint an accent wall in that yellow-green shade, or just get a chair in Chartreuse. Then you can be sure that it immediately attracts attention and creates a WOW effect in the room. Whether used in the living room or in the kitchen, this bold trendy green shade does not leave you indifferent. One likes Chartreuse or one rejects this particular Grünnuance. There is no middle ground!

This modern kitchen looks very inviting because it combines Chartreuse with white and light wood tones

Modern kitchen Chartreuese

Just paint a wall in the bedroom in Chartreuse and enjoy the happy mood in the room

Bedroom wall Chaartreuse

  • Eye catcher in Chartreuse – the best idea to spice up a room

Undoubtedly, Chartreuse is an intense color and can easily visually stand out an object, a piece of furniture or an entire room area. An armchair in this shade can refresh the monochrome interior enormously and provide special attention.

Correctly, you have placed the armchair in Chartreuse in a bright place. The intense daylight brings the trendy green shade to the radiance!

Armchairs in Chartreuse

It’s even child’s play to put a few accents in Chartreuse in the room and enhance the overall look of the room. A few dining chairs in the kitchen, light curtains in the living room or children’s room in the striking color mix yellow-green can simply cause wonders in the interior.

Three chairs and some decorative items on the table refresh this black and white dining room

Chairs Deko Articles Chartreuse dining room

On this purple-blue background Chartreuse comes out very well!

Chairs Chartreuse purple-blue

Do the curtains immediately attract your attention in this bright and stylish dining room?

Gradin in Chartreuse

Even in the nursery, the presence and attraction of Chartreuse are very strong

Chartreuse Nursery

Even in the bedroom you can skilfully set accents in Chartreuse. Take a look at the next pictures and draw inspiration from it! Do you want to have only one or two decorative cushions in this trendy green shade? These are perfect enough to make the bedroom interior look special. Often you try to color-match the Chartreuse decorative cushions and curtains for a better effect.

Put small accents in Chartreuse in the bedroom, ….

Bedroom visual accents Chartreuse

… that have a big impact!

Chartreuse accents in the bedroom

  • Which colors can be used to combine the trendy chartreuse shade?

Certainly Chartreuse can best be combined with white. In a whitish ambiance even the smallest detail in Chartreuse stands out. Flowering branches or cut flowers in the same color introduce a natural flair into the room and make it shine!

The white bedroom lights up due to the Chartreuse accents!

White bedroom accents Chartreuse

But also with violet and cobalt blue the trendy green shade gives an interesting room look. On a gray background, the presence of Chartreuse is even more effective.

Only one accent in Chartreuse is enough in most cases and acts as an eye-catcher in the whole room

Eye-catching Chartreuse an accent in the room is enough

Take your time and take a look at our picture gallery to convince yourself of the visual effect of the Chartreuse color. Do you want to introduce this trendy green shade to your interior?

Gray and cobalt blue form the perfect backdrop for the strong presence of Chartreuse

Background for Chartreuse

A color mix where Chartreuse dominates

Colorful room many colors chartreuse dominates

It has been proven that Chartreuse is an appealing shade of color

Chartreuse the walls

Based on a beautifully patterned carpet, you can introduce the trendy green shade to the interior

Decorative pillow Chartreuse trendy

Have the courage and paint a wall in Chartreuse!

Accent wall in Chartreuse

Or choose a patterned wallpaper in this shade!

Patterned wallpaper in Chartreuse

With Chartreuse you invite nature into the house!

Chartreuse interior design

Also, the surface of some kitchen cabinets can shine in this green nuance

Kitchen cabinets in Chartreuse

Of course, in the predominantly black interior, you need some bright accents to spice things up

Ideas for Chartreuse decor


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