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Chic balcony canopy combining functionality and style

Balcony canopy made of fabric white

Elegant balcony roof for a cozy outdoor area

When do you think the balcony roofing more important? In the warm or cold season? The question is clearly in dispute. Because at warmer times, it extends the living area, to the cold, the roof makes it possible for you to stay outside for a short while, without getting wet.

Depending on this, you are also protected from the wind.

Elegant wooden roof

balcony balcony roofing wooden deckchair table

Well, then we ask the question again, but this time different. At what time of year should the balcony roofs be adapted to the winter or the summer? In any case, it should ideally serve the homeowners as much time as possible. But it must also be adapted to all sorts of weather conditions so far that it is not damaged by them and even dangerous.

The predominant material in the design of this balcony is wood

balcony with wooden roof great bench

Let’s take a look at a few different variants that we believe perfectly fit these conditions? Then you may find it easier to choose the right variant.

Balcony canopies in the city

Here we are on the last floor of an urban residential building. The canopy is made of artificial materials. They are optimal in terms of the aesthetics of the environment of concrete needs. Such a balcony roofing is not very difficult, but durable enough.

The materials have been selected so that it does not get too hot. In winter you are protected from the rain and meltwater. The glass wall provides an entangled perspective on the city. But in such cases, the well-thought outflow of water and snow is very important. First, this should not accumulate, so it is not too difficult.

Furthermore one should avoid the case of fixed snow measures

Balcony canopy on the last floor of a flat

Wooden balcony roofs

We are still in the city, but not in any skyscraper anymore. Rather, we are on the second floor of a house that goes to the courtyards of many others. You have a not quite urban mood and feel close to nature. That’s why they have opted for the right wooden roofing.

It is stable and perfectly matches the furniture and the outside ambiance

balcony canopy flowerpots tree on the balcony

Yes, exactly this impression has been achieved more or less in the example just now. You are in town, but you want to feel like in a country house.

Because such transverse wooden structures with a few hems for supporting are quite common

balcony roofing table with stools outdoor kitchen

In the end, we want to show you how solid constructions with balcony roofing could be.

You can be mobile and stay together so well! Bottom-up!

balcony canopy white funny attractive

Such roofing can create an extraordinary ambiance

balcony canopy white colored furniture

Especially stylish decision

balcony canopy outdoor furniture white throw pillow

The roofing corresponds well with the plants on the balcony

balcony roof made of bright fabric

The bench and the canopy are in perfect harmony

balcony canopy wood elegant modern

The canopy and the sofa have the same pattern

balcony roofing fabric outdoor furniture sofa

The wooden roof fits well with the white house facade

balcony terreasse roofing wood

Metal Constriction with wood elements

balcony metal railing roofing wood metal

wood roofing

balcony wooden balcony

Only partial roofing

Balcony canopy only partially

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