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Chic kitchens with concealed cooker hoods

Chic kitchens with concealed cooker hoods

Both concealed and exposed cooker hoods are not only functional, but also appealing to the eyes. Have you ever wondered how you can upgrade your kitchen without having to change too much? If so, the answer is simple: change your cooker hood. By changing the cooker hood your kitchen will be completely transformed immediately. The following chic kitchens with hidden cooker hoods prove that it’s so valuable to change your steel cooker hood to a more modern and creative option.

Several shades of gray

Schicke Küchen mit verdeckten Dunstabzugshauben
Not all the different shades of gray have fallen on the market? If this is the case, use a solid shade of gray and work it all over the room. From the kitchen cupboards to your island stools. The key is to go for a coherent good look together.

Choose traditional shades of gray for a sophisticated kitchen. There is something very fancy and beautiful about an exhibition of several smoky shades. From the brightest to the darkest, a mix of this elegant color brings a modern yet classic touch.

Subway tiles

Schicke Küchen mit verdeckten Dunstabzugshauben
If you like the aesthetics of a cooker hood, but still want to find a way to minimize the effect, you’ll need to add tiles to the cooker hood, and your backsplash is a good option. Not only will it disguise the size of the cooker hood, but it will bring visual appeal to the area itself.

Instead of completely hiding your cooker hood, mask it with subway tiles. The subway tiles will create a beautiful open-space display, while the elegant contrast will make the area appear round. It’s a simple way to combine contemporary cuisine with classic kitchen items.


Schicke Küchen mit verdeckten Dunstabzugshauben
Whether you choose an edgy color tone like gray, black or navy , or a minimalist hue of white, beige or even pink, you want it to have a shiny finish. The glossy surface lifts the color for a more modern touch. Combine with matte surfaces or stains so that the glossy pain makes an independent statement.

We love the idea of ​​a shiny color in the kitchen, the key is to preserve the entire space with one or two shades. This classic color scheme gives the room a daring elegance. The richer the color, the better.

Go to the coast

Schicke Küchen mit verdeckten Dunstabzugshauben
Coastal decor is perfect if you want to show a welcoming feel in your kitchen, but want to make the most of color. In addition, you want to add wood pieces for the perfect blend of modern and classic coasts.

Coastal Decor is a top favorite for us as it produces several different styles and colors, yet blends perfectly when placed in a specific location. Add clear white and beige tones to create a nice contrast between the cheerful blues that contrast with the main focus of the kitchen.

Bring the height with you

Schicke Küchen mit verdeckten Dunstabzugshauben
There are plenty of options if you have a high ceiling in the kitchen, you can add extra lights, have your cooker hood completely hidden, or even present a bit of it to have a modern approach. Pair with classic bits for a rounded appeal.

Cooker hoods tend to be large and bulky to hide a higher ceiling. A high ceiling is great as it lengthens the room and makes it feel more spacious. In addition, it works well if you want a rustic inspired kitchen.


Schicke Küchen mit verdeckten Dunstabzugshauben
When we all think of huts, we all think “wood, metals and little to no color”. We are here to inform that this is going to end as the kitchens in the cottages become more modern. Combine with rich colors and unique lights to make modern pieces a beautiful classic .

The classic elements of a cottage-inspired kitchen are clear, clean lines that combine to create a welcoming space. Add marble pieces to showcase the classic elements of a cottage-inspired home while still retaining that contemporary appeal.

Showcase Color

Schicke Küchen mit verdeckten Dunstabzugshauben
If you love color, but a bit’re intimidated, then the gradual adding color is the right way. Consider painting your lower cabinets in a light shade and making your upper level neutral, or vice versa . The key is consistent splash of color.

There is nothing funnier and more demanding than a colorful kitchen. Bringing color to the kitchen is always a good idea. Not only does the room become a center of attention for your home, but it also brightens the idea that color adds to enjoyment and lightens the overall mood in the area in which it is used.

Mosaic magic moment

Schicke Küchen mit verdeckten Dunstabzugshauben
A mosaic background image is perfect if you want to use pattern and color, but want to have it in a unique way. The idea is that the mosaic bits make their own statement regardless of the colors you want to use.

Adding a Mosaic Magic Tile backsplash is the perfect way to integrate patterns and a unique touch without using color. Many times we want to bring texture into a room without having to overfill the room with color, a mosaic tile display does just that. Customize your tiles with darker shades for a beautiful, seamless contrast.

Luxury and elegance

Schicke Küchen mit verdeckten Dunstabzugshauben
We love the look and feel of a luxurious room. There’s something inviting and appealing to be in a kitchen that screams luxury. Add some color accents or get naked with nudes for a classic room.

There is no better way to fall in love with your hidden cooker hood than to create a luxurious and elegant design. This can make your cooker hood feel more upscale, even when it’s obscured with the rest of your interior. This works best if you have an open kitchen.

Double lighting

Schicke Küchen mit verdeckten Dunstabzugshauben
Whether your cooker hood is hidden as part of your cabinets or lightly exposed, your kitchen will be equipped with additional lights that direct the focus away from the cooker hood and over to the center of the roof. This creates a bigger feeling.

The lighting is extremely important in all areas, especially in the kitchen. Add double lights to accentuate your decor and give your hidden cooker hood the spotlight it deserves. Consider unique lights for this daring focus that we all know and love.

Which of these designs are you obsessed with? Let us discuss in the comments below.


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