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Children’s room with loft bed – save space and create a lively atmosphere

children's room with high bed robert young architects carpet floor

Stylish children’s room with loft bed

Did you wonder why the kids are crazy about bunk beds? These are much more than simple sleep stations. They represent a swing of the imagination and are perceived by them as an adventure.

In all cases, a cot of this kind will ensure a smile on the face of the little ones and possibly the parents.

Save space with a bunk bed in the nursery

children's room with high bed manakato light blue wood planks

Detached bunk beds can be found in all kinds of shops. The interior designers have already developed some wonderful methods by which they make them appear as an integral part within such spaces. It has been learned to integrate them ideally in children’s rooms and to use them as a means for more comfort and art in the room.

Detached bunk beds are very practical and up to date

children's room with high bed david howell design


But that does not mean that the individual modules have lost their meaning and splendor. Through the matching nursery deco, these industrial pieces can wonderfully incorporate the industrial chic. They will win the hearts of all visitors and home residents.

The bow of comfort

Do you like the space-saving techniques? If so, then the following example will take your breath away! The high bed construction also serves as a workstation. It is a preferred place for children and parents. You can call them dramatic.

The modern design is looking for practical and aesthetic solutions

kids room with loft bed lisa rubenstein carpet tile desk

When you design the nursery, the children will feel free to move from one place to another to find the right place for the action that is just ahead.

Kids are crazy about loft beds

children's room with high bed space architects + planners cabinets Double decker cot

Not many people have quadruplets. But that’s not the only reason why you should integrate such a bed at home. Rather, think of pajama parties. The children can invite their friends and they do not need a tent in kindergarten.

Do you have quadruplets?

children's room with high bed alder and tweed The style above looks like taken from a storybook. The idea is full of personality and individuality. You can attach small lights in each department and then you make the whole thing more mysterious. Furthermore, each child will now play or read longer without disturbing others.

Each bed has a separate wall lamp

children's room with high bed lovelace interiors

Create a camp in the nursery

Sometimes it is impossible to keep the children away from the experience that can be spent outside in the exciting nature. To satisfy the nostalgia of the little ones for the wild, one should consider a child inspired by this nursery decoration.

Children are camping and camping immensely

children's room with high bed john maniscalco architecture

A camp in the nursery

children's room with high bed dain interiors

Hickory wood panels were used here. The kids will love spending time in their own cabins. This is also the better alternative than a house in the tree, do not you think? The whole thing can be realized as a DIY project.

A stylish wooden interior in the nursery

children's room with high bed caden design group wood furnishing

A great craft idea for gifted parents

kids room with bunk bed slifer designs wood box sturdy

The renewal of existing furniture and materials is a technique that can easily be applied in any case. You can create something really functional with materials that are superfluous anyway.

Stay up to date

Everyone loves the good design and style and the kids are no exception. They are just your little versions!

The children’s high beds are a means for more comfort and art in the room

children's room with high bed atlantic archives white

The front of the crib is soft and gentle, perfect for a girl. The stairs serve as a nice accent. Anything bigger would overflow the design here.

Everyone loves the good design

children's room with bunk bed michael abrams limited

Organize a pajama party for your children and their school friends

children's room with bunk bed harman wilde white blue


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