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Choose cribs – cool roll-away beds for your kids bedroom

children's beds roll-away bed children's room wall-paper design

Nice kids beds designs with rollers

Designing your children’s bedroom is undoubtedly a challenging task. Not only do you have to consider the space and budget constraints you have, but you also need to incorporate many of your kids’ creative ideas into your design.

The most common children’s bedrooms are those where you have taken the best of both aspects and combined them. There, they have furnished a charming and comfortable room, which corresponds to the individual taste of the child. The design of the nursery is paired with a smart design. Do you want to achieve that in your little one’s room too? To give you the assurance that you can actually make this hard to reach link, the rollaway beds are here!

Functional design that combines loft bed and rollaway bed

cots design roll bed nursery carpet yellow wall

Set up the girls room with a rollaway bed

children's beds roll-away beds childrens room throw pillows carpet

Originally, the roll-away beds were designed for the purpose of providing accommodation for assistants and servants near their masters. Since then, the rollaway beds have come a long way in their evolutionary history. Now they are especially popular with families in whose homes the children have to share a common room. Currently, the roll-away beds for the children’s bedroom are just as popular as the bunk beds. They offer a second, additional sleeping option, which is located below the main bed and can be rolled out with rollers or rollers if necessary. Intelligent, work-ready, ideal for overnight stays by friends, the rollaway beds are perfect for any modern home.

Good for space saving

The obvious advantage of choosing a rollaway bed for your child’s bedroom is the space-saving option that you have at your disposal at all times and that you can choose as you wish. This makes the Rollbett ideal for the design of small bedrooms that constantly suffer from insufficient space. So your apartment is equipped with a very easily accessible extra sleeping possibility, which disappears during the day and therefore free enough space and saves. For modern apartments in the city, roll-away beds are the ideal solution for the children’s bedroom.

Compact trundle bed in the boys room

Cots design roll-away bed boy's room design

Easily avoid the clutter

Most parents are of the opinion that roll-away beds are very suitable for equipping such rooms, in which two children need to sleep. But in fact, the rollaway beds are actually perfect even for those apartments where there are only single children. The lower bunk can always be used as an option to store things that can easily accommodate all the clutter and ensure a drawer that is both elegant and compact.

Fresh design in blue shades

nursery furniture blue shades design roll-away bed

Set up the nursery with colored furniture

kinderzimmermöbel kinderbett design rollbett grün blau teppich

Such a bed model can quickly and effortlessly take on its double dimension, with the additional bunk being used as a second bed on friend’s visits as well as without any problem as a deposit.

Choose the perfect bedding

If you have opted for roll-away beds in your children’s bedroom, there is one more important thing to keep in mind: the right bedding that will complete the look in your children’s bedroom. Very often it is inevitable for roll-away beds that you need tailor-made bedding, which should fit exactly to the second roll-away bed, which fits under the main bed.

Bedding with a fresh pattern

cots rollaway bed linens

Comfortable and pretty bedding is a must when it comes to giving the bed a beautiful appearance, and it obviously remains unspoken that both beds should be of the same quality and pattern, as well as in the same color, making it an ideal bedroom is created with a uniform thematic shape.

Rollbed in pink for the girls room

cots rollaway bed girl functional design

A bold rollaway bed design can be aptly combined with the wide variety of fashionable colors to make your child happy about a cozy bedroom.

Put on compact cots in the nursery

cots design roll-away drawers compact kids room

Functional pieces of furniture are perfect for the nursery

children's beds roll-away beds functional children's room set up

Colored children’s room with trundle bed

children's room furniture children's bed roll-away bed functional

Simple model of wood

children's room furniture children's bed roll-away bed boys' rooms

Loft bed and trundle bed in one

children's room furniture children's room furnishings children's bed roll-away bed

Beautiful model in white

cots design girl's room set up roll-away bed

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