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Choose the perfect patio fireplace – designs and design ideas

A patio fireplace brings many advantages such as. enjoying cool summer evenings outside. This element allows the use of the terrace all year round. The holiday parties will be much more relaxed and you will enjoy these nights. Many patio owners opt for a fireplace with a stylish design that can positively enhance the entire patio. In the article, our editorial staff would like to present a selection of great designs that create a pleasant atmosphere on the terrace.

Stylish ideas for your terrace design

terrace fireplace cool ideas tips

Masonry terrace fireplace,

The decor of the terrace fireplace depends on many factors. If you have enough free space outside to build a traditional brick fireplace, then this decision would be a good solution for your patio. Many terraces do not have that much space and you should think twice about where to put your garden furniture and fireplace.

A brick fireplace makes for a space-saving terrace design , If you think of the wind, then it could come from both sides. In this case, it makes sense to install a brick fireplace with a glass door. So you minimize a lot of dust and dirt, and the ashes are not so easily blown by the wind. The designs of the brick fireplace are among the most popular ideas for terrace design. Aluminum provides a shiny look and can be combined well with garden furniture made of rattan. Even decorative stones are among the decorative elements for the bricked terrace fireplace.

The brick terrace chimneys attract very quickly many curious glances. Nowadays you can see a huge number of stylish fireplaces. The next picture proves this assertion.

Enjoy the cold evenings outside

terrace chimney bricked ideas

Freestanding fireplaces – combination of design and elegance

The freestanding terrace fireplace is considered a practical alternative to the masonry such. In this case, the designs play a very important role, because they are already from the first look an eye-catcher. Each design is made to deliver a superior look. The best examples include fireplaces in a round shape or in a table shape. These designs are considered freestanding, but at the same time as permanently installed. Rather, these freestanding patio fireplaces are very rarely repositioned.

The choice of materials must be individually selected for each patio fireplace. The designs offer very interesting models such as Fireplaces of marble or concrete. The round decorative stones are also among the trends and are increasingly considered a must for every patio fireplace. These decorative elements can be combined well with the shape of the terrace fireplace.

A terrace fireplace in the form of table brings many benefits

Tips and concept terrace fireplace


In our picture gallery you will find a number of interesting designs. These ideas should serve as inspiration for your next patio design.

Position the Terrace Fireplace near your Lounge Zone

terrace fireplace ideas

A glass pane avoids the blowing of ashes

designs patio fireplace

The freestanding terrace fireplace can also be individually designed

terrace fireplace design ideas

Freestanding terrace fireplaces are among the practical design ideas

terrace design

The size of the terrace fireplace also plays an important role

terrace fireplace cool ideas

Enjoy the cold summer evenings properly

patio fireplace design ideas

A bricked terrace fireplace has many advantages

outdoor fireplace

Enjoy the terrace fireplace made of marble

outside area terrace fireplace

The color selection also plays an important role

patio fireplace terrace design

Design a perfect patio fireplace

outdoor fireplace concept freestanding

Free-standing fireplaces are among the best ideas for terrace design

patio fireplace tip

Round shapes enhance the terrace design positively

stones patio fireplace

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