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bathroom tile ideas tile paint tile color

The tile color – meaning and practical tips

Are you also one of the people who could have sleepless nights if they did not know exactly what tile color You should choose? If so, we want to help you a bit. Here are some great ideas for shades, as well as instructions on what kind of effect on the home atmosphere these will have.

After we have gone through the recommended tile colors, we will also tackle the topic of tile painting.

Tile color blue

Tile paint bathroom tile ideas bathroom examples

The color of the tiles, which we will talk about today, is blue. Water, sea, sky are the associations that everyone associates with blue. It is not bad, if these elements really come into their own in the environment or otherwise appear in the apartment as a topic. But even so, due to the subconscious presentation of these images, one resorts to this shading.

Blue mosaic tiles

bathroom samples tiles color bathroom tiles ideas

That’s good too. Because with blue you could do practically nothing wrong. It is a classic choice that never goes out of fashion. This year you should combine with green as accents or in another form to look quite trendy.

Tile color red

bathroom tile ideas tile color bathroom examples

This nuance is energetic, very bright and emphasizes the individuality in a very striking way. At the same time, this tile color will be effective and will give you a lot of mood and new powers. As a decoration and textile nuances, however, you would have to be more careful. There are few colors that look good with it.

Tile color green

bathroom tile ideas bathroom examples tile color

If you are looking for peace and connection with nature, then you should opt for the tile color in green. So you will also achieve the desired effect. You could also add a neutral color to a green tile paint to add a slight nuance of this kind. This is also one of the few variants in which you can be both original and on the safe side.

With green, you can also spice up decorative stones or maybe even renovate classic dark wood furniture.

Tile color beige

bathroom examples bathroom tiles ideas tile color

Beige is a hit among neutral colors at home. Furthermore, it is very up to date and offers a variety of different possible combinations. If you paint, varnish or buy the tiles in this nuance, you also have another advantage: the lime marks will not be so much visible. The opposite in this respect is the red shading.

Tile color yellow

Tile paint tile paint bathroom tile ideas

You can paint yellow tiles in yellow in certain places.

That is how it was done here. Whether you follow this example or just do everything in yellow, you will achieve a playful and very funny effect. Wonderfully fit to such baths and friezes with flower motifs. With pastel shades, you could achieve a gentler appearance.

Tile paint in black and white

white tiles tile color bathroom tiles ideas

You can finish installing these tile colors. But you could also buy only white tiles and then paint them. In any case, if you have chosen this classic, you are by no means wrong. Especially with minimalist or very modern to futuristic design in the house, this solution represents a wonderful idea.

Tile color purple – a female choice

bathroom tile ideas tile paint bathroom samples tile color

Violet is feminine and trendy at the moment. Lavender, pink and other such typical female nuances are also very topical at the moment. At the same time, they also make you look original and elegant.

Tips for painting and varnishing

bathroom tile ideas bathroom examples bathroom paint tile color

In general, there are many universal tile colors on the market, which could easily and successfully transform the look of this room. Nevertheless, you should try the selected mixtures first on a smaller area. Only then should they be mounted on the whole surface.

The materials needed for tile painting are the following: washing powder (non-soap based), denatured alcohol, paper tape, paint for enamelled surfaces, plastic foam or plastic plate, styling brush, stretch film, clean cloths of smooth fabric.

That’s the way to proceed

tile paint bathroom examples bathroom tiles ideas tile color

First clean the tiles and let them dry very well. Remove all residues with denatured alcohol. Using paper tape, you should mark the area, which you will then paint. Put colors in the plate. When tiling and painting you should work between one and 1.5 square meters at a time.

An idea for self-painting

bathroom tile ideas tile paint fleece paint tile color

Carefully, but quickly, you should place the stretch films on it. Press with both hands. Now remove the stretch film. Now you could do something to increase the effect even more. You can repeat all the work with the foil just once again.

Fresh bathroom design

bathroom bathroom bathroom bathroom bathroom tiles tile color

Repeat the process on the entire remaining area of ​​the tiles that are to be painted. At the earliest in three weeks you may clean these.

Well, what does it look like? Buy new tiles or paint the old ones? Maybe you just want a paint job that brings a soft nuance or a whole new shade? Whatever the case may be, we wish you good luck and lots of fun!

Energetic red tiles

Tile color bathroom samples bathroom tiles ideas

Light tiles are suitable for small bathroom

bathroom tile ideas tiles color tile

Green tiles for a Mediterranean look

Tile paint bathroom tile ideas tile paint

Do you love nature?

bathroom samples tiles ideas white tiles tile color

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