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Christmas breakfast ideas that your kids will love

After the great interest in our last article about cool Christmas Dinner Ideas , our editors would like to focus on a similar and equally atmospheric idea – Christmas breakfast for children!

There is nothing like a perfect start to the holidays, and we believe this trend is one of many gifts with a unique surprise effect. The kids will definitely love your creative idea, but for that you need the best preparation and our tips will help you a lot. Find out more in the following paragraphs.

Pancakes – Rudolph with the red nose

Ideas for Christmas breakfast

Christmas breakfast for children – Which variants are included?

In the first place, the Christmas breakfast should have an atmospheric appearance and here the Christmas symbols also play a crucial role. Above all, be creative in your design, because kids love the constant improvisation with products, shapes and textures.

Before you start with the main part, namely preparing the Christmas breakfast, you should choose a suitable decoration for the plate and a symbolic shape. For decoration of the plate we recommend textures with strawberry jam. Write phrases such as “Merry Christmas” in a cool font! The decoration is not a must and if you do not have enough space for it, then it is no problem to omit the.

The next step is especially important because it is about the symbolic form of the Christmas breakfast. Christmas would not be the same without a snowman, a Christmas tree, a Santa Claus and Rudolph with the red nose. That’s why we show you how these symbols can be easily made from different products. Which products fit best for the project can be found in the next section.

Put great emphasis on vitamin-rich products

Cool ideas for Christmas breakfast

Products for the Christmas breakfast

Since it is about the nutrition of your children, we want to be very precise in the selection of the products. Try to prepare the most vitamin-rich Christmas breakfast possible, as the first meal of the day should provide the little ones with plenty of vitamins and energy.

For a large part of the children, the pancake is considered a favorite food and can very quickly become a perfect Christmas meal. With the help of fruits and vegetables you can easily make the Rudolph with the red nose and you need about 3 pieces of pancakes. Cucumber, strawberry jam and chocolate can also be used to make a beautiful Christmas tree.

Textures with strawberry jam ensure a better look

cool kids breakfast

As an alternative to the pancakes, the sandwiches (toasts) also belong to the favorite list of children. The toasts are very easy to decorate, but the space for decoration is not that big. For this reason, a shape of several toasts can be designed.

Combine various vitamin-rich products for the perfect Christmas breakfast for your kids. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas and make the most of them. Christmas comes only once a year, right?

Christmas without a snowman? No thanks !

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