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Christmas decoration and men do not shoot each other

Practical and uncomplicated – these Christmas decorations like men

Although many of them are totally annoyed and claim with conviction that there is no typical male or typical female or this description sounds at least outdated, we notice again and again that men and women but tick different and really not only on the sex characteristics differ.

After I asked myself: How would you, men (if any) decorate your place for Christmas, I decided today to write an article only for men.

Since I have been dealing with this topic for some time and I have often toyed with the idea of ​​male perception, I finally began to research this topic.

The Christmas decoration is interpreted differently by men

christmas decoration maenner hipster

It surprised me a little bit, but you can actually tell a lot about “male perception (just) at Christmas”.

In economic terms, men and women are two different target groups. The needs of men are fundamentally different from those of women.

Colors, shapes and tastes are different in men than in women. Without delving too much into gender issues and generalizing the men’s business, I would argue that in terms of color, a young adult man would intuitively choose more muted tones on the gray / blue scale.

If it were up to a man to consecrate his home or office voluntarily to consecration, he would, in my experience, “play it safe and favor” classic Christmas decoration “in green, silver with very little red or the neutral color duo black and white , It depends on who man (s) are preparing this decoration.

If the well-known claim is that men are hunters, a hunter (even at Christmas) would want to show off his trophies and make them visible to anyone entering his home.

Honest and faithful can be the Christmassy expression

christmas decoration maenner hipster sweet enterprice

original, practical and always surprising

christmas decoration men hipster sweet christmas tree parquet

The Christmas decoration in a man’s apartment might seem rather frugal and a bit too unfortunate in terms of design. The design competencies would be completely compensated by a noticeable enthusiasm and exactly that would forever remain in the memory of the visitor.

If a man already strives to decorate for a party, then that would be a historic moment anyway, for which the man claims all his creative capacity. And once he starts doing it and having fun, he will be unstoppable.

Once the man notices that his Christmas decorations are pleasing or even impressive, one should not be surprised by a glitter beard or mini Christmas ball in his facial hair. Men often look rough and unpolished, but can quickly become funny, silly, and even very inventive if they want to get someone excited.

Men are rational and have a slightly different aesthetic

christmas decoration men hipster sweet christmas tree medium format

The gambling man is the successful man

christmas decoration men hipster sweet spiderman

Men think and perceive differently than women, so it would be possible to find Christmas decorations in the most extraordinary places. The places that a man really loves and that he feels special could be the spaces where he comes out and feels affirmed.

Such rooms would be for example the garage, the toilet or his study. Sure, there are many exceptions, but we do not want to write a whole book about it, so I try to be as brief as possible.

The Christmas decoration is small, but remarkable

christmas decoration maenner sweet christmas tree ironman

After my research, I found that MAN could decorate the entire house festive with the Christmas editions of many beers. Thus, the practical man can kill two birds with one stone and gradually “drink away” the beautiful and functional decoration. This also saves the tedious cleaning and tidying up after the holidays.

Men love to play and generally have it uncomplicated. Christmas decorations for men, which definitely spread solemnity, could be superhero and cartoon characters! To decorate the festival is a very individual thing, with which you can identify yourself well.

Men can impress if they want it

christmas decoration maenner hipster sweet

For example, the inventive side of the man can be recognized by the fact that a man can use seemingly unusable tools as a Christmas decoration. The man can easily transform screws, mums, pliers and other “men’s treasures” into beautiful accessories.

Expired first aid kit with a rescue blanket in gold or silver would be the ultimate Christmas decoration for a man par excellence, because he should just unpack it.

With a little more skill you could build a luminous star out of 2 warning triangles. A fir-tree made of parquet remnants or Christmas decorations from old cutlery would also correspond to the creative nature of the man. The list can go on so long, because men can really create surprisingly cool things, if they only want it once.

Gradually you drink the Christmas decorations away

christmas decoration maenner hipster sweet beer

The end result counts

christmas decoration sweet head

It has to be fun too

christmas decoration maenner hipster sweet southpark

Recycling and more

maenner sweet beer cap

Let the man show his strengths

christmas decoration men hipster sweet starwars

It can be that easy

christmas decoration men hipster sweet christmas tree

Prepare the man a real pleasure

christmas decoration men hipster sweet christmas tree avenders

An Avengers collection – this is how MAN understands the festival

christmas decoration maenner sweet christmas tree avengers

christmas decoration men hipster sweet christmas tree letterbox

Men tick differently than women

christmas decoration men hipster sweet christmas tree bw

Sober and stylish

christmas decoration man hipster sweet christmas tree man

The expired rescue blanket can become a practical decoration

christmas decoration men hipster sweet christmas tree rescue blanket

simple and effective

christmas decoration men hipster sweet christmas tree rope

christmas decoration men hipster sweet christmas tree wall


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