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Christmas decorations – classic and modern for the feast

baked collage

Which Christmas decorations should it be this year?

It’s been around for another year and Christmas is coming soon. Since we all know quite well the hustle and bustle around the festival of contemplation, we endeavor this year to start early with the festive preparations. It looks like you can not start preparing soon enough.


We have already got down to work and would be happy to help again.

Felted forest animals are very suitable as jewelry due to their low weight

Christmas decorations felt fabric

In the current article we deal with the theme of the festive Christmas decoration. Since when does the Christmas decoration exist, in the form familiar to us and what does it mean? And are there rules for decorating that we should stick to?

Although the Christmas tradition is about 2000 years old and is intended to depict the birth of Christ, it is not until the Middle Ages that the first indications of Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree in Europe have been made. At that time people decorated their houses and Christmas trees with dried wild fruits, pine cones and gingerbread.

Create a color space that looks elegant and stylish

Christmas decorations blue silver

You can create a feeling of coldness or warmth through your color combinations

Christmas decorations bells


The snow white makes the fine jewelry come to bear


Fabric jewelry is not only original, but also unbreakable

covered with sewed on

Crafted readers can conjure angels out of wire

Angel Christmas decorations

Always in is the Newspaper print look

wrapped in a star

The snowflake as an element must not be missing

snowflake classic

Later, some families began to hang wooden jewelry on the trees or paint nuts in silver or gold. In the 16th century, the first Christmas ball was produced in beautiful Thuringia, which became fashionable and later traditional and shortly thereafter conquered the world.

The evergreen fir was and still is a typical symbol of Christmas. Other plants associated with Christmas are mistletoe and juniper. All of these symbolize eternal life, which people worship through their magnificent adornments.

White and silver on the tree are reminiscent of the Snow Queen

Art tree as frozen

The Nutcracker is another literary figure who has a regular place in the Christmas decoration


Fresh ideas on the tree are always welcome

Classy snugly bird tree branch

Edible is made easy and devoured after the feast

baked tree decoration

Classic and modern straw jewelry always looks festive

straw jewelry

A few angel wings reinforce the festive mood

Christmas decorations angel

The jewelry can also be crocheted

crocheted stars

When decorating the Christmas tree you should first wrap the lights around the tree, so save yourself the trouble later. Then it would be very sensible to hang the big and heavy jewelery in the lower part of the tree. Thus, you emphasize the natural shape of the tree. Balls, stars, hearts, drums, boots, bells, angels and nutcrackers are among the classic pieces of jewelery. The tradition can also use something cheeky freshness. Try extravagant combinations in blue and silver or create your own style. Bring in new forms and express your personal joy. But do not forget that “less is more”

Classically mini dresses

animals and plants

Christmas decoration bidfaden mussel

Christmas decorations green gold

round colorful ball

Christmas decorations glittering

Baked Christmas decorations

snow ball

Christmas decorations gift homemade

k garland

Christmas decorations wood jewelry

stuffed animal hearts


classic ball red

Classically gold ball

Christmas decorations made of paper homemade

paper plastic

Christmas decorations made of wood

Classically gold ball

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