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Christmas tree decorations in maritime style made of shells and other ideas

Christmas tree decorations craft ideas in maritime style


Christmas tree decorations tropical style

Is there just one Christmas tree in your home? At home, this is definitely not the case. We want the atmosphere spread through the Christmas arrangements to be everywhere in our homes. That is very important to us.

Creative Christmas decoration ideas

christmas decoration tropical style turquoise christmas

Not all Christmas trees, which we want to decorate, are the same size and elaborate. There are also those that are smaller. They also give us the chance to execute some special ideas. For example, in the last few days we have come across Christmas tree decorations of the tropical kind. You adorn this great symbol of Christianity and joy with chocolate packaging.

This idea can be executed in many different ways. Here are our hints.

Decorate the dining room festively for Christmas

making Christmas tree decorations with paper garlands

So you make a small artificial Christmas tree for decorating

For such ideas the best are the small Christmas trees of the artificial kind. For a complete Christmas tree decoration only with chocolates is an unnecessarily elaborate idea. There are methods for the creation of Christmas tree decorations, which are not so expensive. From a simple box in green and some garlands in the same shade, you can create wonderful little Christmas trees with jewelry. These can then be distributed in the different rooms.

Make an artificial Christmas tree

making christmas tree ornaments make christmas tree yourself

The idea that we propose to you today requires the creation of a small cone. If you take a leaf and turn it to the cone, a little bit remains at the bottom. You have to cut this out now.

When cutting out the circle under the cone, place 2 cm around the edges. Cut this disc across at a distance of approx. 4 cm. Next, you would then have to feel the tree created with paper, preferably from an old newspaper. Do this until the cone is absolutely full. So he will look good for a long time. Now you have to glue together the short side strips on the main cone. When linking the whole, there are no big secrets. The main thing is to tie the cone together with transparent glue. This figure is very well hidden by the jewelry. So do not worry if the tape is visible at one point or another.

Make paperwork!

make christmas tree ornaments craft yourself christmas tree make cardboard colorful paper

Making decorative Christmas trees out of paper and cardboard

christmas tree ornaments christbaum make cardboard colored paper

Decorative Christmas tree decorations

What we have described above is a decorative Christmas tree. The jewelry of the original, tropical style is now much easier. What you basically have to do now is to take a longer tape. This one must then make a roll, so that the adhesive side looks up. On the one hand, then you bring the jewelry – garlands, chocolates in fruit molds and others. The other side then has to be wrapped around the tree.

Decorate your Christmas tree with natural materials and fairy lights

christmas tree decorations christbaum make yourself

The tropical look of Christmas tree decoration

Let’s get back to the main topic, which will get your attention right at the beginning. First of all, the tropical look is achieved by making the whole thing seem more informal and decorative. This is very typical in countries where you do not have snowy landscapes for Christmas. In addition, such a Christmas tree decoration with chocolates and strawberries looks very good. Also, glittering, joyous particles and garlands are quite popular as Christmas decorations tropical style.

Spice up your old Christmas tree decorations

christmas tree decorations tinker glass balls red grind

Make Christmas tree decorations in a maritime style

christmas tree ornaments crafting poinsettia meerstern baumkugel

Christmas tree ball completely made of shells

christmas tree decorations Making tree balls out of shells

Seashell decorated with colored bows for hanging

christmas decoration tropical style tree ball seashell loop

Baubles wrapped in country style with hemp tissue

christmas tree decoration bauble decorate rustic hemp fabric

Decorative fir trees from shells

christmas decoration tropical style fir trees from shells

With sea stars at the top

Christmas decoration tropical style Tannenbäume tinker from shells

Different variants are possible. Which one do you like best?

christmas decoration fir trees from shells poinsettia star

Decorate the fir-tree rustic with pompons and hemp fabric

christmas tree ornaments marster decorate christmas tree

Christmas tree decorations in the same style

christmas tree ornaments tropical style hemp fabric rustic decoration ideas

That’s how a Christmas wreath looks like

christmas decoration tropical style christmas turquoise christmas out of shells

Original Christmas wreaths in maritime style

christmas tree ornaments tropical style turquoise christmas

Use sea stars as poinsettias

christmas decoration made of hemp fabric sea stars turquoise christmas

You can decorate the sea stones with gemstones

Christmas decoration Christmas poinsettia decorating ideas

Gold shiny Christmas tree ornaments to make yourself

christmas decoration tropical art tree ball gold seashell

Christmas tree from soda cans

making christmas tree ornaments yourself making christmas tree out of drink cans

Making colored pompoms for Christmas

christmas tree ornaments tropical style bommel make your own yarn

For this you need yarn in different colors

making christmas tree decorations bastelideen bommel yourself

Wrap the yarn around your fingers and tie the resulting ball with a thread in the middle

christmas tree decoration bommel itself make yarn ferbig

Next step: cutting

make christmas tree decorations make bommel yourself make yarn ferbig

making christmas tree decorations making bommel yourself make yarn cut to size

christmas tree ornaments make tropical style bommel yourself

The pompom is ready

christmas tree decoration bommel make yourself yarn

Creative wall design ideas for Christmas

christmas decoration tropical style wall design ideas christmas tree

Make origami tree balls

christmas tree ornaments crafting paper folding christmas tree decorate

christmas tree ornaments crafting paper folding origami tree ball

Tinker garlands and Christmas tree decorations

christmas tree ornaments crafting christmas tree decorate

Create an artificial Christmas tree from wooden beams

christmas tree decoration tropical style wood christmas tree make yourself

And last but not least something really delicious

christmas tree decoration christmas tree christmas cake pie decorate

Santa Claus from strawberries

christmas tree ornaments tropical style strawberry male

Fruit salad in the form of a Christmas tree

Christmas tree ornaments tropical style fruit tree

Strawberry chews

christmas decoration tropical style sweets chewy strawberry

Beautifully packed chocolates

Christmas decoration - tropical style - candy plump tree

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