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Christmas tree lighting – an interesting Christmas story

Christmas tree lights forest snowy

Who discovered the Christmas tree lighting

We often ask ourselves what constitutes the most appropriate Christmas tree lighting in each specific room. But today we have a story that you can tell the children and maybe some adults under the Christmas tree.

Thomas Edison invented the electric bulb.


This happened in the Christmas period in 1880. But it took at least four years before they were used on the Christmas tree. From this point on, a revolution in lighting history began.

The Christmas tree lighting has become one of the most popular types of decoration for Christmas

christmas tree lights colorful fairy lights example

The candles as a Christmas tree lighting

Well, the truth is that you also knew the Christmas tree lighting before that. But this was done by candles. This has logically led to many dangers.

Since 1882 that has changed. Edison has put together the first string of lights this year and has wrapped her around a tree as Christmas tree lighting. But it has been proven that the world was still not ready for this invention. It has long been dispensed with this possibility.

The popularity of Christmas tree lighting has risen again in 1895. At that time, the president Cleveland has commissioned such for the tree of the family in the White House. This Christmas tree lighting consisted of many multicolored light bulbs.

In 1923, Calvin Coolidge started the state festivities by illuminating the big Christmas tree with 3000 electric lights.

Mass production, which was also accessible to ordinary households, started earlier.

This type of Christmas lights was produced by General Electric in 1903

Christmas tree lighting fairy lights fir tree

The man who really recognized the big sale of Christmas tree lighting is called Albert Sadacca. He offered the ideas in his family business as a teenager in 1917. Do you still see Christmas tree lighting in the shape that we have today as a matter of course?

The most beautiful Christmas tree lighting in the world

Let’s finish the story about Christmas tree lighting in a particularly spectacular way. This makes the splendor of the most wonderful Christmas trees. Do you know which are the most beautiful in the world? These are Seoul, South Korea, Vilnius, Lithuania, Berlin, San Francisco, USA, Madrid, Spain, Lisbon, Portugal, London, England, Paris, France, New York, USA, Rome, Italy.

Original Christmas tree in Rio de Janeiro

Christmas tree lighting Rio de Janeiro


Stunning in Washington DC

Christmas tree lighting Washington DC

Traditional and gorgeous in the garden

Christmas tree lighting colorful glow star

Classic in natural colors

Christmas tree lighting elegant

Half-timbered houses and Christmas tree – winter idyll

Christmas tree lighting truss houses

Warm and inviting in front of the fireplace

Christmas tree lighting gifts fireplace

The presents are already packed and under the Christmas tree

Christmas tree lighting gifts Christmas decorations

Brightly colored fairy lights

Christmas tree lighting colorful fairy lights

Rustic with open beam ceilings

christmas tree lighting gift socks christmas balls

Festively lit and lavishly decorated

christmas tree lighting garland lights christmas stars

Christmas atmosphere at the castle

Christmas tree lighting courtyard castle

Tropical Christmas

Christmas tree lighting cone shaped colorful

For real purists

Christmas tree lighting artificial candles

Fantastically decorated

Christmas tree lights fairy lights colorful lights

Fairy lights and crystals

Christmas tree lighting string lights crystals

Pre-Christmas church atmosphere

Christmas tree lighting symmetrical church

Christmas tree of a special kind

Christmas tree lighting turquoise sea theme

Classic Christmas decorations and lights

Christmas tree lighting wrapped gifts

Merry Christmas

christmas tree lights christmas decorations fairy lights

Golden with cones

Christmas tree lighting cones Christmas balls


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