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Classic kitchen decoration for a new and contemporary look

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Classic kitchen decoration is up to date again

Classical music is a term whose definition should always be updated. Today we want to give an example with the kitchen decoration. Over the last few decades, the concept of kitchen design has changed and kitchen decoration changed a lot of things.

Now this room, including the kitchen decoration, has a new look. He has now proved to be universal. So you can say that this has to do with classical music.

So let’s show you what a classic look in the kitchen has to offer. Then we can talk about the decoration again.

The new classic in kitchen equipment

kitchen equipment kitchen decoration kitchen decor kitchen decoration

The kitchen opened in the last decades to the living room. This in the literal and figurative sense of the word. Both are usually united in an open blueprint. The dining area has been integrated into these. You often have a dining table, which can also serve as a bar counter by the establishment.

Conversion and adaptable tables complete the look.

The matching kitchen decoration in colors

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The kitchen decoration is even more extensive than before in the context of this new classic in the kitchen. So we tried to structure them according to a suitable criterion. I hope you like this approach.

black and white

kitchen decoration kitchen ideas deco kitchen decoration

Let’s start with a classic in the kitchen, which would not easily pass. The chess effect that is created can always be up to date.

Something in blue

kitchen ideas wall decor kitchen kitchen decoration kitchen ideas

Blue is like an update of the Black and White Classic. You are somehow related. Think of the sky transformation from early morning into night.

Space for storage

kitchen decoration kitchen decor kitchen utensil kitchen ideas

The decoration has to be functional. With open shelves that are so modern, you should arrange all items in such a way that they spice up the overall look. Also you should put on order. It all looks good and you can easily find everything you need.

Make everything appear more effective and effective by installing functional open wall shelves. Different modules that can be pulled like drawers and pushed back, would be great. But if you opt for them, you should definitely invest in strong mechanisms. Otherwise they would break much too fast.

You often use the whole vertical surface. This is a functional as well as aesthetic trend.

Warm neutral colors

decorating ideas kitchen kitchen decoration kitchen ideas

You should do the kitchen decoration not just in neutral, but in warm neutral nuances. Such would be about gray, ivory and cream. Also use pictures in these shades.


kitchen equipment ideas kitchen decoration kitchen

The best deco element in modern aesthetics is the feeling of space and freedom. For this reason you should use furniture that complies with these conditions. If you want to feel comfortable, then you still have the curtains and textiles. They “fill” the room with a sense of humor, but they actually do not take up any space.

Get a lot of light

decorating kitchen decoration kitchen ideas kitchen decorating

Over time, the importance of light has become even more appreciated. Unlike previous centuries, you spend more time indoors than outside. So you have to secure the access of natural light because of the well-being.

This also has a lot to do with minimalism. You use a few pieces of furniture so that nothing restricts the penetration of light. Floor-to-ceiling windows and mirrored surfaces also play a vital role in kitchen decoration.

White walls, which are very popular in any interior, are also very well accepted in this context.

Contrasts play a role, but are softer

furnishing ideas kitchen kitchen decoration kitchen decor

You can keep everything seamless and consistent. Everything looks super chic and elegant. But at the same time there is a trend in the use of the colors that try to soothe contrasts. So the senses stay relaxed. The latter is super important to modern man.

Everything is still spinning around the stove

kitchenware kitchen decoration kitchenware kitchen decor

With all the new classic rules, the kitchen has retained its traditional spirit. She collects the family because they eat together here and see each other again and again. The stove plays a symbolic and functional role in this long tradition. Everything has to be set up so that you can work comfortably with the stove. Earlier and now this is a classic rule!

We let you find out for yourself what the remaining traditional tendencies are that have survived despite all the changes in form.

The furniture determines the decorative items

kitchen ideas deco ideas kitchen decoration kitchen decoration

How do you like this colorful kitchen furniture?

kitchenware kitchen decoration kitchenware kitchen decor

The Mozaik tiles represent a great kitchen decoration

Kitchen Decoration Kitchen Ideas Kitchen Back Wall Kitchen Ideas

Showcase a beautiful painting in your kitchen

wall decor kitchen kitchen utensil kitchen decor kitchen ideas

What about the color purple?

kitchen ideas kitchen decoration kitchen decoration kitchen utensils


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