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Clever design turns the simple garden into a little paradise

Maintaining a garden takes a lot of time and requires a certain amount of regular care, otherwise the garden becomes ever more overgrown and sooner or later no longer feels well. Caring is one thing, but the design of one garden is another. By means of few elements, changes and optical points of view, the once neglected and loveless garden can become a small but magical green oasis of rest.

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Garden is not the same garden

Not every garden looks the same. This is immediately apparent to the first sight of a garden to every layman. While the garden shines with beautiful flowerbeds, the neighbor’s garden is adorned with exotic benches, a pond stocked with valuable fish or with sculptures and antique busts and co. Each to his liking.

The ever so small garden can be made anytime with some small tricks to an eye-catcher of the entire neighborhood – and all alone with little effort. Beautiful benches made of solid wood, for example, which are set up specifically where you would like to rest and enjoy the peace of the beautiful garden, are not only used for sitting. They also provide a visual stimulus, radiate peace and security and also warmth and solidity. If you place now on the bench a beautiful basket of self-harvested fruits or a vase of self-picked cut flowers. The bank already looks like a colorful addition to the garden.

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Benches for sitting and watching

Sand old wooden benches briefly, then paint them with a desired color, such as white or blue. Then choose a color that is breathable and still covers well. Then put this bank dried on the freshly mown lawn, fill an elongated clay pot with soil and plant with yellow or white daisies, done! So you can make a simple and old wooden bench conjure a wonderful eye-catcher and with very little effort and above all, with little cost. Because only the color you would have to buy, if you have not already hidden in stock anyway.

For seating, any wooden benches offer plenty of room and space. When choosing the right wooden seat, it is important to be aware that they have to be cared for every now and then. Special oil is perfect for this purpose and also special glazes, which are applied annually to extend the durability of these beautiful seating furniture.

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Harvest and sow

Orchards have not become increasingly popular in recent years in recent years. It is not only the cultivation of different fruit trees, but also the later harvest of the first ripe apples, plums or even apricots and that one gives the nature a little help, in which one offers bees and several folds a lot of blossom honey. Because when the first flowers appear in spring and early summer, these trees are literally besieged by insects. The fall fruit is also an important food supplier even in autumn for several animal species , And to harvest the first picked apples, pears and Co. is already a very special moment and grounds every person who is still stressed out by everyday life, or brings it back to nature at precisely such moments.

And when you sit on an ancient stone bench under the once small planted apple tree and the sun shimmers through the leaves of the now tall tree, it is a true place of rest and relaxation. The situation is similar with vegetable gardens. Here too, herb gardens, vegetables of all kinds provide enough space and space to not only unfold, but also to feed healthily. Because nothing tastes better than reaping and tasting the fruits from your own garden.


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