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Closet for kitchen – find the right design

kitchen design closet kitchen

How to recognize the right closet kitchen

It would be best if you did not need a single closet in the kitchen. But most of the time you do not have a chance to do that. So you have to make the most of the situation. What would be the best? This can be decided case by case. So individually the question has been decided here in these cases.

What connects them is always the small and not very conventional space that one disposes of.

Very simple design in white

closet in the kitchen simple design

Wooden closet

closet kitchen wood furniture tiles


Closet kitchen Position in the tricky places

In this case, you have a niche that is very difficult to use for something more practical than a counter. The shelves make the best of it. They also make the ambience very warm and pleasant. They contribute beautifully through the bright white to spice up the room.

Green shades look great with white

closet kitchen white table candle

Closet that you practically do not notice

Do you see the closet here? Oh, yes, there it is … The closet here also represents a bench!

It looks so great and warm, right?

closet kitchen transparent chairs

Glossy surfaces and consistent use of black and white make everything seem like a great entity.

Do you really like it?

closet kitchen white red black

In this case, the whole Einbeinrichtung appears as a uniform closet with some small subdivisions. What do you make of it?

One has also taken care that the whole thing is spiced up by cleverly distributed colored accents

closet kitchen white design colored chairs

Integrate wall cupboard into the kitchen partition

Obviously, they wanted to hide as much as possible the closets, which one can not do without. That’s why they took care of their integration into the partition wall.

All elements of the kitchen benefit from it, do not you think?

closet kitchen elegant functional

Hiding or seamlessly writing the closets into the kitchen is of vital importance in dining rooms. Here’s some proof of that.

In the background, we can see a closet that shines in metallic black and has the same finish as the refrigerator.

These correspond so well with the white surfaces that everything seems to be of one piece

closet kitchen dining room partition sliding door

In this case, the kitchen seems like a single closet here

closet kitchen counter stool

Let’s conclude with one of the most interesting solutions we have to offer. Here you have something integrated to hide something else. Open shelves in yellow are so strong that you can barely notice that you do not notice a single cupboard in the kitchen at first glance. But that’s not true!

Because wall cabinets are already available, but they are in gray, seamlessly mounted on the open shelving units and barely noticeable

closet kitchen yellow dining table inspirational chairs

The white decor is accentuated by yellow accents. The result is a fresh atmosphere

kitchen set up wall cabinet funktiona modern white

The white closets are distinguished on the light green background

wall cabinets kitchen white design green wall design

By closet in the fresh green you can spice up the kitchen wonderful

green closet corner kitchen

Little red elements refresh this white interior

kitchen design kitchen island stool wooden floor closets

A distinguished kitchen design in black, gray and wood

kitchen furnishing closet wood

White and wood elements – what a beautiful combination

kitchen interior white interior wood

Closet with mirror surface

kitchen kitchen furniture cupboards closet

Stylish dark kitchen furniture

kitchen furniture cupboards wall cupboards

Two symmetrical wall cabinets

kitchen mosaic bar stools counter white closets

Nice contrast between the closet and the wall

kitchen wall design tile closet

Wall cabinet design in red and white

closet design red white

A particularly practical interior solution for the kitchen

Wall cupboards in the kitchen. Large work surface

White kitchen, spiced up with plants

closet for kitchen tiles

In addition to this black wall, the white closet looks great

closet in the kitchen white

In the style of colonial furniture

closet kitchen colonial furniture light green

Great combination between the white closets and the mosaic tiles

white closet white kitchen island

Traditional design

closet kitchen white furniture mirror surface

Gray closets

kitchen furniture closet gray

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