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Color design in black – an always up-to-date color nuance in the interior

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Pure elegance – the other name of the black color

The color trends come and go! But the classic black never comes out of the color palette of the interior.

The “pendulum” of fashion can swing from classic color combinations to extravagant, contemporary chic.

But one thing remains unchanged: the black color! It is always present in the elegant interior! The predominant color scheme in black is full of character and at the same time very dramatic …

Classic and characterful color design

furnishing tips color scheme living room apartment furnishings

The best partner color for the black in the interior design is of course the white color. Black and white have always been an intoxicating color combination. This provides some of the finest creations in almost all areas of world culture. Two are the reasons! The first reason is the simplicity and the second – the appropriate and balanced use. This, in turn, is an essential requirement that you should think about if you want to create a simple yet amazing effect.

Ensure a perfect color balance

interior design color scheme living room room design


Black and white are actually clean tones. The perfect and accurate combination of these colors makes for a very simple interior that can look even more brilliant!

However, you should pay attention in advance to the color balance of the accents! The color white is a suitable choice as background color. But in retrospect, you should find the right integration of the black color throughout the interior.

Bright accents spice up the duo

home decorating color scheme apartment design

Many of you will find this black and white concept in the interior design very overbearing and cool. Here, bright accents can come to the rescue. These will wonderfully soften the dramatic charisma of the classic duo.

You may not have the courage to confide in the classic color combination of luxurious black and soft white. Nevertheless, enjoy our picture gallery below and let us convince you how refined and elegant the black and white color scheme can be.

This black and white floral pattern definitely attracts every look

deco ideas color scheme corridor living ideas color combination

The white room design looks much more elegant with some black decorative furniture

Home decorating color decorating room decorating room

The wood-colored furniture provides more color in the room

living room colors color scheme living room furnishing tips

Bring the fresh effect of the black and white color combination into your own home

home decor color scheme living room room design

The black color makes for a brilliant-looking decor

color scheme color apartment flat design

Break through boldness with bold accents

furnishing ideas deco color scheme living room

A light black and white color scheme for people who do not have time to renovate

color scheme bedroom living ideas color combination

The color black is very suitable for spacious and bright rooms

living room design color scheme living room living room colors

Bring structure and depth through the black color in the bright spaces

kitchen decorate color kitchen set up tips

The red color can be perfectly combined with the color duo black and white

Bedroom Ideas Coloring Bedroom Living Ideas

The black and white color mix looks natural, fresh and timeless ..

color design kitchen color combination colors combine


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