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Color palette Winter type – The tendencies for 2014 – winter is even more introverted thanks to the winter color palette

white brick living room wall

Color palette winter type for the walls of your apartment

The times when you have to scream out loud to be heard seem to be over. The introverts have more and more power. This is particularly evident in the interior design trends for 2014.

White dining room, why not?

white interior dinning room design

In the interior you are always minimalist and restrained. This quest has also included the winter type color palettes. There you will experience snow-white or bright silver rooms, which always seems to be in harmony with the appearance of nature in the colder periods.

Colored elements in the white interior

color palette winter type white colored elements

White bedroom

white bedroom gray floor lamp

Luxurious living room in silver color

luxurious living room silver stately

Shiny wallpaper

living room wallpaper white carpet

  • Winter type color palettes make the boundaries of the room almost disappear.

The Color palette winter type It is difficult to describe by their external characteristics. For these, just like the introverted people, do not have to show themselves. Rather, it is about meeting our innermost needs for rest and relaxation.

The winter color palettes are so subtle that sometimes they practically disappear. They bring out the accessories, furniture and some natural materials more than the walls. Even people and their occupations are finally more in the foreground … So you recognize the desire to be no longer dominated by the objects.

One would like to concentrate once again on the essentials.

  • Floral pattern within the trends 2014

Within the rooms, which appear so calmed by the winter type color palettes, nature can also be more effective. To achieve this you can use many great methods.

Pull wood or wood laid out on the floor Floral pattern on the wallpaper considering

wallpaper flowers fresh wall design

This trend is not new, but gets in connection with the winter type wall paints a newer expression. They should be subtle, natural, and somehow seem like a dream. One should feel with these patterns, that one lies down in the evening in a garden to sleep.

Floral elements on the living room wall

wall-paper floral pattern bright interior

This could also happen in the work, children, living room and home office.

Consider dry hanging flowers or twigs under the suspended cutlery. Or maybe you could spruce up one or the other gloomy corner through a branch painted in silver. This can then be used as a storage area for great art.

What appears outside in nature should also be present in your room. Show off these “treasures” in great glass vases! So what do you think of the nature of the winter color palette and the possibilities that they bring?

White living room with wooden elements and brown sofa

living room white design brown sofa

White and gray

color palette winter type living room white

White sofa on white wall

beautiful living ideas living room design

Light gray sofa and dark gray carpet

color palette winter type white wood

You could also put a gray sofa in front of a gray wall

Gray in interior design wall sofa

White shelf wall and gray floor

color palette winter type dining room yellow chairs

Red elements spice up the white design

color chart winter type white walls colored accents

Light gray living room

color palette winter type white gray

Shining accent wall with small tiles in the kitchen

gray silver wall paint tiles

And how do you find this combination?

kitchen accent wall silver shiny


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