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Colored wallpaper for children’s rooms with funny designs

So choose the appropriate wallpaper for the nursery

We have referred to the importance of the children’s room facility for the development of children several times in our articles. The little ones, unlike us, have a room for everything: for learning, eating, playing, and resting too!

You have to divide the space of your offspring according to the most modern criteria: the different zones should be well separated. At the same time, the children’s room should have a uniform and harmonious atmosphere. That’s difficult enough. In addition, you should not forget the childish touches in the decoration in the nursery.

Colored wallpaper with patterns give the nursery a fairytale flair

Wallpaper nursery blue sky with white clouds

A lot of colors

It is very important that the wallpaper for children’s rooms are colored. You can have a bright main nuance or show bold colorful accents. Anyway, they have to invite the joie de vivre into the room.

Wallpaper Kids Room: Fresh colors create a positive atmosphere

green wallpaper nursery floral pattern simple design

Matching patterns for the wallpapers for nursery

The naive patterns are a great alternative to the colorful wallpaper for the nursery. That could be white clouds on a blue background or animal figures. Any kind of plant and flower patterns are still suitable. It is important that the elements do not seem too realistic. They should more or less be reminiscent of a children’s painting. That would help the little ones to identify better.

Wallpaper in blue for the boy’s room

Wallpaper nursery pattern in blue Examples boy's room

Avoid strong contrasts

The strong contrasts are usually far too intrusive for the delicate child soul. They can stress, irritate the little ones. To avoid this effect, always choose the gentle variant in any shade. The pastel colors are also ideal.

Better avoid garish colors

Wallpaper nursery rainbow colors stripes accent

Avoid geometric patterns

We advise against purchasing wallpapers for the nursery with geometric patterns. They are far too dominant and let all shades work that way. If you still insist, then introduce the geometric pattern in the form of a strip. This allows you to continue to design a niche or other separate element.

Wallpaper with a geometric pattern is not the best option for the nursery

Pattern wallpapers for children's rooms create colorful graphic patterns

The health aspect

As with any element in the nursery, you should not neglect the health aspect when choosing wallpapers. Buy high-quality products. Check which color was used for their design. You need to know if and what pollutants were used.

After you install the nursery wallpapers, you should ventilate the room well. So the harmful substances of the paint and the adhesive do not stay in the room so long.

We wish you a lot of fun and good luck with your nursery design!

Funny wallpaper pattern for the nursery examples

Abstract fish invigorate the Nursery Wall

Creative wallpaper abstract clouds wallpaper for nursery creative

So toddlers learn the alphabet much easier

Pattern wallpaper alphabet wallpaper nursery design

Fairytale wall design in the girl’s room

Pattern wallpaper baby rooms wallpaper for kids room design

What happens in the forest?

Pattern wallpaper tree wallpaper for kids room design

Animals are the most popular motifs for the nursery

Pattern wallpaper blue animals wallpaper for kids room frame

Circus motives

Pattern wallpaper elephant with balloons wallpaper for nursery design

Refined geometric patterns are well suited for the youth room

Pattern wallpaper colored triangles wallpaper for nursery design

Create a colorful fantasy world for your child

Pattern wallpaper colored building wallpapers for nursery framing

Painted fish guard the sleeping baby

Pattern wallpaper fish wallpaper nursery room design baby room furniture

Photo wallpaper in black and white

Pattern wallpaper Photo wallpaper for nursery framing

Fox fox astronauts liven up the play area

Patterned wallpaper foxes in space design wallpaper for kids room

Gas balloons in soft pink

Pattern wallpaper gas balloon pink wallpaper for nursery girl

The giraffe can be a good friend, right?

Pattern wallpaper giraffe wallpaper nursery frame

Wallpapers with colored bunny pattern

Patterned wallpaper bunnies colored wallpaper Nursery design

The hare is definitely one of the favorite motifs of children

Pattern wallpaper bunnies Silhoutten wallpaper nursery design

Wallpaper with a world map is a very practical idea

Design wallpaper teenage room wallpaper for kids room design

The fresh effect of the green plants is clearly noticeable – cacti as a wall motif

Pattern wallpaper Cactus wallpaper for kids room design

Small loops at the learning place

Pattern murals to make small bows wallpaper for kids room

Pandas are so cute!

Pattern wallpaper Panda bears in the forest Wallpaper Kids room design

Raindrops of course in blue

Pattern wallpaper raindrops blue wallpaper kids room design

Colorful rain clouds

Pattern wallpaper rain clouds wallpaper for kids room design

Abstract flowers in pastel colors

Pattern wallpaper pink floral wallpaper for kids room frame

Cute drawings as motifs

Pattern wallpaper design wallpaper for kids room

If the fun factor is there, then everything is fine!

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