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Colorful awning fabrics for your home

monochrome window awning fabric

Awning fabrics for your home

An awning or canopy is an attached secondary cover on the outside wall of the building. In general, the awning fabrics woven from acrylic, cotton or polyester, which are coated on a lightweight frame made of aluminum, steel or iron.

Today, they are designed with modern weaving and coating techniques for a long outdoor life, whether it’s raining or the sun is shining. awning fabrics made of polyester with PVC are thicker and completely waterproof, in contrast to the anti-corrosive polyacrylics, which are much lighter.

The awnings are placed above a window, a door or a public thoroughfare. With the introduction of columns, the awnings will appear like a canopy that is very suitable for outdoor use. Many cafes, restaurants and hotel entrances make the atmosphere more relaxed and comfortable.

Private users can have the awning mounted on terraces, balconies or windows. Note only if they are rolled up, electrically adjustable or firmly attached. It is up to you whether you choose monochrome or striped awning fabrics.

A nap under this awning is certainly good

Roll-up awning fabrics for relaxed nap

Small seating area under the awning fabric

Awning fabrics for the small sitting area

Summery orange

orange canopy awning fabric

Thick shade on the porch

outside awning fabric for thick shade

Different color combinations

Selection of color combination awning fabrics

Color selection of awning fabrics

Farbkombinatonen markiesenstoffe selection

Striped pattern

Awning fabric striped pattern

Dinette under the canopy

canopy awning for the outside dinette

Striped awning fabric for the balcony

balcony awning fabric striped

Fits the parasol

blue white striped hope awning fabric

In the same color with the house painting

Awning fabric suitable for house painting

White awning fabric for the seating area by the pool

unusual awning for the pool

An idea for the pool shade

Interesting idea for swimming pool awning fabric

Sunny yellow pool awning

sunny yellow awning over the pool

Firmly grown with white awning fabric

entrance door awning

Electric awning in white

Electric awning in white

Bring more color

colorful fabric for the terrace

Window awnings in red

window fabric red

Colorful awning for the backyard

colorful awning fabrics for the yard

All surrounded by the awning

completely impossible with awning fabric

Large scaffolding for the whole yard

large awning for the whole yard

Everything in the same tone

in the same tone awnings fabrics

Surrounded by orange

Awning fabric with orange edge

Interesting awning shape

interesting shape for the window awning

Blue striped over the door

small doors awning striped

Awning instead of curtains

Awning fabric for the window

Divided into two

Awning fabrics for outdoor use

Striped natural colors

natural-colored striped awning fabrics

Colorful fabrics

colorful and cheerful fabrics


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