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Combining colors – How to properly combine colors in the interior design

colors combine cold shades

Combine colors – some inspiring suggestions

The right combination of colors is one of the most important requirements for a house to look harmonious and well-equipped. Combine colors So it’s not an easy task. Do you know the color wheel? This basic experience can be critical if you need to make the right decisions.

Especially fresh color combination in the living room

colors combine suitable ideas

The color wheel consists of 12 sections where the main colors are blue, yellow and red. With these shades, white and black, a painter can achieve all other nuances as well. These are the so-called secondary colors. The further, third stage are those which are achieved when mixing a shade and a secondary color. Each of the colors in this circle has a myriad of nuances and variations.

  1. Monochrome colors

The monochrome colors are those that result from the combination of a nuance and white, gray or black. They usually look classic and super simple. If you opt for this variant, you will ensure a classic and very harmonious interior. In the pictures here we can see examples of cold and warm monochrome execution.

For ideal results, consider using the combination of textures as well

colors combine pink red

Combination of cold colors

colors combine blue tones

For a particularly calm mood, combine the neutral background with soft pastel nuances.

In the picture here you can see just such an example. Here we see beige as a background, white as a complement and soft blue accents

colors combine bright shades

  1. analog schemes

This term stands for combining two or three adjacent shades of the color scheme together. One shade dominates and the others complement it. In that case, opt for cold shades.

If you are worried that they are too dominant, it is best to introduce them as accents against a neutral background

colors combine interesting suggestions

  1. Analog schemes with accents. In this case you decide on two to three analog shades and add accents.

colors combine cold shades

  1. Complementary schemes

Here you decide for two colors, which are located on the opposite sides of the circle.

Here we find this done by the contrast between the organgen chairs, the green and the neutral white

combine colors in the kitchen correctly

If you want to provide additional peace, you should also opt for a gentle neutral shade

colors correctly combine fresh ideas

There are certainly many more modern approaches, but with this foundation you will certainly avoid many mistakes. Which one did you choose at home? Can you add it somehow so that it looks perfect?

Matching color combination for a luxurious room look

properly combine colors for the living room

Do you like this combination of colors for the living room?

great color combinations yellow white

White, red and green in impressive combination

colors in the apartment matching combinations

Mild color combination for more coziness

colors in the apartment matching combinations

Simply fascinating combination of colors

Shades of color combine ideas

The color accent in this bedroom is the colored wall

Nice color combination in the bedroom

Original color selection for the kitchen, which gives the room individuality

colors vote interesting suggestions


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