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Concrete garden decoration: instructions and 33 creative ideas

The concrete garden décor is one of the most creative garden designs. The reason for this is that the application possibilities are very numerous. You can also choose the elegant shapes and sizes of the elements. The building material concrete is characterized above all by its compressive strength. For this reason, the decorations are very stable and can be used long term.

Our ideas will help you create an inspiring and creative concrete garden decoration. In recent years, the trend has become very popular and the interest in it is increasing again and again when it comes to individualized terrace or garden design. But the benefit to all gardening enthusiasts is that this type of design is pretty cheap and practical. Almost anyone can use concrete figures to make a real eye-catcher in the garden.

Be creative in the design

Concrete decoration for the garden

In general, the manufacturing process of the figures seems to be very easy. But you have to pay attention to the correct order of the design. The molds can be made, for example, from empty bowls, figures or plastic flowerpots.

Due to its special properties, concrete is one of the most important building materials of our time.

For this reason, the concrete look is particularly popular not only in the home design, but also in the garden design.

An important factor in the preparation is that you have enough time to plan for drying. It can not be ruled out that drying takes several days to weeks.

Especially modern and creative, the molds should be selected

Terraces and garden design

The universal guide

The right ratio for the building material is a combination of cement, gravel and water. These materials are needed to harden the concrete. Before the project you have to plan a clear organization. This means that you must first pay attention to the right work clothes and aids. Better be well protected, because working with concrete could have dangerous consequences. The mixture of materials is recommended to prepare in a bucket or in your chosen figure. The mixing of gravel, water and cement should be vigorous and targeted. Gradually you should pour some water. You have to keep an eye on the right relationship. The amount of water is equal to half the amount of cement, that is, for a bag of cement that weighs 6 kg, you should use 3 liters of water. We will show you how the self-made figures look with the help of 33 ideas.

The large selection of concrete figures can be found in our gallery

concrete project step finished

concrete chair steps

bench and grill made of concrete diy

concrete decoration for the garden

Concrete shapes as decoration

concrete maize decoration

leaf as decoration made of concrete

concrete flowerpots

Concrete flowerpot

Concrete flowerpot

Decor made of concrete shapes

Deco made of concrete plant stones

decorative ball of concrete

deco fruit made of concrete

decoration made of concrete

Bucket of concrete garden design

shape as a diamond made of concrete

garden decoration made of concrete

garden decoration house made of concrete

garden decoration of concrete ball

garden path from betondeko

big shapes concrete

Hands decoration in concrete

Creative decoration made of concrete

creative designs made of concrete

Concrete ball for the garden

modern design made of concrete

nest of concrete

roses made of concrete

roses decoration garden

stable decoration made of concrete

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